Workout Weekend

Oh what a weekend! Saturday was the Get Cyced Bike event that our family was a part of to raise money for Lutheran Social Services. THANK YOU so much to those who sponsored us!!! There were two teams from our church and we raised over $1000. Not too bad. So about this bikeathon... I imagined just biking as fast or as comfortable as we felt. Never did I think it would be an actual spin class!!! Ha! Boy, if you haven't tried one of those classes and are looking for a good workout... take a spin class. My legs were burning so... I thought they may come off. Our instructor was this buff chick... no seriously, David thought she might have bigger arms (all muscle of course) then he has! Here's how it went:

instructor: keep it at 80% speed, okay we're climbing a hill, crank your resistance a full turn, stand and bike!

me: thinking and doing-standing, trying... ouch seriously? I'm not meant to stand while biking!!!

instructor: stick your butt out over the seat while still standing

me: thinking-are you kidding? my legs are on fire now!!! ...as if they weren't before!... I tried for a bit... a couple seconds anyway.

She went on to other standing positions and holding your bike in different positions, but my legs seriously wouldn't take much more and I knew I had quite a bit of biking left so I sat for a bit and road. :) Good thing I was in the back of the group!

instructor: Ok, sit... lets go full speed, oh now we're going to go through mud, crank that resistance again!

me: thinking-I don't ride through mud, I stay on the dry pavement! (But I did it because I could sit... although I could definitely feel my butt bones!)

The class went on and on like that, so it was definitely a good workout. My husband being the bike fanatic he is wanted to do extra biking than what was required so I did bike longer than I had to. Every time I got back on the bike, the instructor would start again... I think she secretly had it in for me. :) It was fun though... a new experience. It definitely looks a lot easier than when your trying to do it. It was about 4 years ago that David took me on a 20 mile ride and my legs never burned as much as they did during that class! I didn't think I'd be able to walk after I left that day but amazingly it was just my butt that was sore! Ha!

Kaelyn did ride with her daddy for the first half hour. Here's what I captured on my camera phone...

{Kaelyn took over my bike for awhile}

{Kaelyn's cranking the resistance}

Afterwards we went to my favorite coffee shop that was across the street for lunch. I absolutely love Cottonwood. The atmosphere is perfectly me. They showcase new artists artwork every month on their walls. They have a corner with couches, magazines and games. Their dark brown leather couches were what made me have to buy them for our house and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

And of course the drinks and food are amazing! I've never had a better sandwich than their turkey panini! YUM! So if your in the Brookings, SD area and looking for a good place to grab a bite I suggest Cottonwood Coffee on the west side (main street) or Cottonwood Bistro on the east side. The Bistro has a little fancier atmosphere. They are owned by the same people and offer pretty much the same thing, so give it a try and let me know what you think.

Other exciting news, we finished my art room remodeling project!!! Sunday was busy moving stuff back in there and getting it somewhat organized. I still have a ways to go. I'll share a couple pictures next time otherwise this post would turn into quite a book.

Happy Monday!

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