EXCITED to Share...

{Peaceful Prairie}

...my landscape done in pastel! This was something entirely new for me. One, I started out doing portraits and never thought I would enjoy doing a landscape. Two, I haven't used pastels in YEARS... probably not since high school or before.

I've had this idea in my head for sometime now. I first tried my idea by using acrylic paints but just wasn't happy with the result. I wanted to portray a soft somewhat whimsical feeling. Something my college professor said, was to create something you know. Well at the time I didn't think anything "I knew" seemed interesting. But his words kept ringing in my head. Then with all my graphic design courses you learn a lot about placement, white space and doing the unexpected... and well I think I was finally able to pull off everything that was in my head and can't be happier with the result!

Its funny how you grow and how much you learn from your surroundings. I am appreciating things a lot more lately. I've always wanted to live by the beach, but I've realized that where I live now is very beautiful in its own way. The wide open prairie is so peaceful... I love the openness... the freedom to move around... to see animals happily grazing... it is a treasure often taken for granted.

So I am planning on creating a series of countryside scenes that are similar to what I see everyday. I'm hoping to take the ordinary view a step further and give a bit of a magical feel to the world right outside my window.

I was able to get two print blocks made at the art group I attended last Saturday. (On the other one I used my "Weathering the Storm" print.) The print is adhered to the front as well as the sides and is distressed on the edges to make it seem as it is actually part of the block. I love the modern, clean feel. Either set it on a table, shelf, or hang it... no frame needed. I still need to drill a hole for hanging this one but then it will be available in my etsy shop.

Happy Monday!

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