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I decided to add a comments link. I thought it would be nice to hear some feedback about my art and designs, so feel free to leave a note at the end of the post. If you have any new ideas/thoughts, let me know. Always looking for new inspirations! I hope you enjoy browsing through my work!


Birthday Invitation Design

Here is how I used my origianl background design from my last post. It was fun to use a combination of fine art and graphic design to create it. I also took the photos and manipulated the backgrounds in Photoshop. It was hard getting the model to stay still once again. Most of the pictures were blurred as she kept walking at the camera! Ha! Overall, I thought it was a successful first birthday invitation.


Original Pattern Design

This past week and a half I have been busy working on the above pattern design, designing an announcement, working on art decor for my living room wall and starting a new series of paintings. Hopefully my idea for the paintings turns out well and then I will start my Etsy Shop. I created the above design to use on announcements and maybe a future painting. I first hand drew part of it and then transferred it to vector format where I made it into a pattern that can have numerous color options. I will post an announcement design within a couple weeks showing how I used it.


Sneak Peek Logo Design

Happy New Year! Well 2009 has started with lots of designing and some art projects. Thought I would share one of my latest logo and background designs for Amy Lawrence Photography. More information and pictures will be posted hopefully within the month, so be sure to check back!