Christmas Card Design

Merry Christmas!!! ...A little late I know. We have been so busy making gifts I haven't had time to blog. I thought I better get my Christmas design posted. I love designing holiday cards, announcements...anything with photos. If you ever want something designed or some of your favorite photographs you have taken manipulated to look like they are professional just let me know! I would be glad to work on them for you! Here was this years Christmas card design. Thanks to Amy Ulschmid for taking the family photo!! It was so much fun to design with it being my daughter's first Christmas! It was printed on stipple textured paper which made it even more fun.
Front View:

Inside View:

Back View:


The New Faith Painting!

Enduring Arts first gift gallery show was last Saturday. It was the first time to show my new faith painting to the public and get feedback. I was nervous and excited about the show. I wanted to know if I have been wasting my time the last couple of months or if it was worth doing what I love. Well, the new acrylic painting was a hit!! (Several other items below sold too! Grin!) The painting means so much to me and the awesome part was so many other people were touched by it and the story behind it! God really does work through people and He does want us to use our talents that He blessed us with!!! I never knew the affect it would have on others, but it was truly amazing and I will always treasure what people told me that day!!!
I made a print of the original...same size and framed it with an old window that was taken out of my house which is pretty old. The whole piece really brings together the past with the present and hopefully makes you think of the future. You have the old window, the modern painting and vinyl quote that says "faith dares the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see". Some of the words in the painting go along with the story that brings the past, present, and future all together. Anyway, I finished this piece the day before the show and it ended up selling so I never had a hanging shot of it but here is what I do have:

Some closer views:

Here is the story I had posted next to the painting: Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see. Think back about the story of Noah. For he put all his trust in the Lord. He did what was commanded of him even though he was unsure of the outcome. What an amazing faith he had in the Lord! The birds in the painting represent the dove and the life going forward. I believe we need to have faith in all aspects of our life. Don’t get stuck in a place where you are unhappy. Take a chance, make a change and have faith! You are unable to see entire sentences on the bottom of the painting. You don’t need to see everything to understand the meaning. This relates to our individual lives. We don’t really know what the Lord has planned for us but we can move forward and know that He is always with us and with Him all things are possible!


Count Your Blessings Custom Tray

After five entirely different design attempts I am finally finished with this tray! I made a reproduction of one of my oil paintings that I completed quite awhile ago but I thought it went well with the tray. I then designed the quote, Count Your Blessings Give Thanks, and applied it over the print. Wisp Woods helped out Enduring Arts once again by building the tray. Its definitely not like the cheap trays in the stores. It was built to last!

Specifications: Custom wooden tray, Reproduction of original painting, White vinyl, Acrylic paint, Matte spray finish Overall Size: 9.5"x14.75"