this last week

Like every week it was a busy one but there were a few memorable happenings that went on. Of course every day included the regular graphic design work, mommy tasks... ya know all the ordinary day to day stuff... but here is a glimpse of the more special points of the week...

Last Tuesday was our 8th wedding anniversary (10 years + 1 month of being together). Boy time flies! It has been a great journey thus far! Is it bad to say this is probably my favorite photo of the two of us? We really have very few of the two of us and those are just the look here and say cheese type. Maybe around our 10yr anniversary we'll get a good photo of the 2 of us together. Maybe.
Wednesday David surprised me with a cake he decorated to celebrate my 300th etsy sale! :) Wow! It was my goal for the year to get to 300 by Christmas so I am very happy and thankful for how things are going for my little business.

Other activities during the week included photo editing for the senior shoot I did last Sunday. (I'll share a few pictures later this week.) Then there was working on signs for the KAMI Group Buddy Walk that will be going on next Saturday the 3rd. (Find more info about the event HERE and come join the fun if you can!) And every other night David and I go running with K in the stroller cuz David is training me for a 5K that takes place on the 10th. No I'm not a runner... don't even enjoy it but it's for a good cause, RescueHer, so figured I could go through some pain to hopefully raise some extra cash for that organization. I'm up to 2.5 miles... so need to get another .5 mile worked in there in the next two weeks. I want to be able to run the whole thing and do it in a fairly good time. Hoping I can do that. ;)

Saturday we thought we should do something kind of fun to celebrate our anniversary and since Kaelyn is one of the best things that has come from our marriage :) I figured we should go to the zoo. K loves the zoo and we hadn't been there in a long time. So off to the zoo we went.

Giraffes are so interesting to me. This little guy was adorable! Then it's mama came over and well you can just see how much they love each other! ♥
Maybe this was daddy giraffe. :)
Yes, it was a good day and week!


Senior Portrait Sneak Peek

Had the opportunity of taking senior pictures this last Sunday. It was fun playing photographer for a day. (Almost makes me want to be one! Ha, ha.) This girl was an amazing model. Will share more with you once I get a chance to edit the rest.


Plein Air {painting day}

{my outdoor studio}

Couldn't have been a better day to take part in the Plein Air painting event held in DeSmet, SD. It was a little toasty sitting in the sun for several hours... yes, I will be sporting a nice sun burn for the next few days but it was worth it! Several artists attended. Everyone picked their own spot and painted their little heart out throughout the day. I can't tell you the last time I was able to paint for hours and hours at a time AND be outside enjoying the gorgeous weather at the same time!!! So peaceful... beautiful scenery... pure bliss. :)
{peaceful prairie}
Here's my completed landscape painting. Done with acrylic on a wood panel.
Hope you are having a great weekend!


Worth Checking Out

I want to share a site with you that I think is worth checking out... give1save1 by Beth Cupitt. Beth is a talented photographer and she has an adorable family. Her site is unique and heartfelt due to the fact that she has big plans to adopt 2 children from Ethiopia... 2 girls that are older and most likely wouldn't otherwise be chosen. Age 14 is when children leave the orphanage to fend for themselves and 70% of them are turned into prostitutes. Heart wrenching. Anyway to find out more details please check out Beth's site. She has a beautiful soul!