Guide Me {mixed media in progress}

{Guide Me ~ in progress}
"Guide Me" is about giving up control and letting Him show the way. The sailboat racers are like us who want to have complete control. The sailors want control over their boat to come in first. Well like in life there are other components that factor in and no matter how hard you try there is a bigger power in control. In the sailboat race, weather/wind is a huge factor... something that cannot be controlled. Sometimes you just have to roll with what comes your way even if it isn't easy.
I get these kinds of images and thoughts in my head and feel the desire to tell the story through artwork. I have no idea where my fine art will lead if anywhere. I don't know if others will like the final pieces I come up with. Maybe no one will care about the meaning behind them or think they are crazy but that is okay. I create them because they share a bit of what's on my heart. They tell a story to me and I love creating them more then doing anything else. (other then time with my family)
Giving up control takes time and a lot of faith. When you switch your thinking to thinking about His purpose for you, you may have a change of heart. I've been learning this more and more and realizing my desires may not be what He has in mind. And when you let go, everything is good. The pressures on yourself are released. Life is brighter.
God is the one in control and I'm more then happy to allow Him to guide me.
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Have a wonderful weekend!


Spring... really?!

{view out our back door after the snowstorm on Thursday}
I don't believe South Dakota got the memo that it is spring.
The weather has been nuts here and 3 days in a row of no school this week.
Last week, the snow was almost all gone... it sure came back in a hurry! Blah.
I am so ready for heat... from the sunshine that is, family bike rides, walks, kayaking, boating.
Hubby has a 5k and a triathlon in 2 weeks and more snow is in the forecast.
There has also been more gloomy news this week for our family.
A couple more losses. :(
Kaelyn is so good at showing me the positive points. Oh life through a child's eyes...
Her view on snow: Yay! Let's play in it!
Her view of my cousin's visitation/funeral: Yay, I get to see my friends!!! (a.k.a. her cousins who are close to her age that she rarely sees.)
Thank you God for Miss Kaelyn who brings so much brightness to my life.
Off to sleep and then more family time.
Hope you have a good weekend! Life is too short not to enjoy it.


March Recap

Ready for a photo overload? :)
Here is a glimpse of our past March...
{A lot more snow arrived ~ on this day it was like snowballs falling from the sky.}
{K had fun going to friends' birthday parties.}
{swimming party ~ K loves the water!}
{K decided to decorate her room with her art ~ this is one of my favorites! Love rainbows!}
{She created her own art wall.}
{fun at the science museum}
{Jayse's baptism}
{Restocking for Unglued ~ so thankful for them selling my designs!}
{Palm Sunday}
{And it is still freezing outside.}
{So much fun dyeing Easter eggs at Grandma Cindy's!}
{The little ones put so much thought into it. So cute!}
{Love the colors and aprons!}
{Happy Easter! Eggs made at Grandma Cindy's the day before.}

{Great aunt Sandy and cousin Wendy had a fun egg hunt set up again with coins. Still think that's one of the best ideas!}
{Decorating her great aunt Sandy's Easter tree.}
{A busy month for Wisp Woods. Another one of his projects I wanted to keep.}

Of course with the good comes the not so good.
The last couple weeks have been rough. We lost our 12 yr old fur baby Trigger. He was the sweetest kitty. It is strange having alone time... I was used to him being right behind me if Kaelyn wasn't.
Then we had a traumatic health scare with a family member. Thankfully after being hospitalized she is doing much better. I certainly learned how important family nearby and our basic needs are!
Then there is age 5... wow, I wasn't expecting this age to be so tough.
We're constantly working on respect and patience.
May God help me to do the right actions and say the right words because my limits are pushed daily... but I must say I am thankful to be able to have the challenge.

Ok, sorry for the extra long post. I hope your April is off to a fantastic start!


No Joke

When Miss Kaelyn asked to go outside and play today, I agreed but said not to get in the mud. I had just taken her coat and gloves out of the dryer since she had gotten them so dirty a couple days before. She told me, "I'm just going to use sidewalk chalk and ride my bike mom!"
I was inside finishing up my business tax info when she was banging on the door. I go open the door to see her covered in a nice amount of mud. My real surprise came when I went outside to get the chalk off the driveway. My mouth dropped! She didn't even have any help. The neighbor kids had left their trike and scooter there earlier in the morning. Notice K's bike handles??? Caked. Chalk? That's pretty nasty too. This was just part of the crime scene that she did in record time... 5 to 10 minutes, tops!
Oh and on top of that, our town had no water due to a water line break before noon. We didn't get water back til tonight.
Her response to all this... "I just wanted to make pictures!"
In the last two weeks she also drew a smiley face in ink on her pink pants and a face on my art room floor. (Just discovered the floor one a couple days ago.) And she said "I'm just making things look good mom. I'm an artist!" Oh boy. What do I have coming? Ha!