March Recap

Ready for a photo overload? :)
Here is a glimpse of our past March...
{A lot more snow arrived ~ on this day it was like snowballs falling from the sky.}
{K had fun going to friends' birthday parties.}
{swimming party ~ K loves the water!}
{K decided to decorate her room with her art ~ this is one of my favorites! Love rainbows!}
{She created her own art wall.}
{fun at the science museum}
{Jayse's baptism}
{Restocking for Unglued ~ so thankful for them selling my designs!}
{Palm Sunday}
{And it is still freezing outside.}
{So much fun dyeing Easter eggs at Grandma Cindy's!}
{The little ones put so much thought into it. So cute!}
{Love the colors and aprons!}
{Happy Easter! Eggs made at Grandma Cindy's the day before.}

{Great aunt Sandy and cousin Wendy had a fun egg hunt set up again with coins. Still think that's one of the best ideas!}
{Decorating her great aunt Sandy's Easter tree.}
{A busy month for Wisp Woods. Another one of his projects I wanted to keep.}

Of course with the good comes the not so good.
The last couple weeks have been rough. We lost our 12 yr old fur baby Trigger. He was the sweetest kitty. It is strange having alone time... I was used to him being right behind me if Kaelyn wasn't.
Then we had a traumatic health scare with a family member. Thankfully after being hospitalized she is doing much better. I certainly learned how important family nearby and our basic needs are!
Then there is age 5... wow, I wasn't expecting this age to be so tough.
We're constantly working on respect and patience.
May God help me to do the right actions and say the right words because my limits are pushed daily... but I must say I am thankful to be able to have the challenge.

Ok, sorry for the extra long post. I hope your April is off to a fantastic start!


martinealison said...

Une très jolie publication ma chère amie... Votre petite fille devient de plus en plus belle.
Merci pour ce très beau partage photographique qui mêlent les talents artistiques de cette adorable fillette !...
Je suis en revanche très désolée pour vous avec la perte de votre ami. J'imagine le vide qu'il va créer au sein de votre famille.
Moi qui possède beaucoup d'animaux, à chaque fois que l'un d'eux nous quittait c'était un véritable déchirement.
J'espère que le membre de votre famille va mieux.
Tout plein de gros bisous à vous.

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thank you Martine! You are such a sweetheart! ♥

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

what a month! i love seeing all the photos. a beautifully created art wall! and k is adorable in her Easter dress! :) so sorry for the loss of trigger. thankful to hear your family member is doing better! xo

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thank you Jennifer!!! ♥