No Joke

When Miss Kaelyn asked to go outside and play today, I agreed but said not to get in the mud. I had just taken her coat and gloves out of the dryer since she had gotten them so dirty a couple days before. She told me, "I'm just going to use sidewalk chalk and ride my bike mom!"
I was inside finishing up my business tax info when she was banging on the door. I go open the door to see her covered in a nice amount of mud. My real surprise came when I went outside to get the chalk off the driveway. My mouth dropped! She didn't even have any help. The neighbor kids had left their trike and scooter there earlier in the morning. Notice K's bike handles??? Caked. Chalk? That's pretty nasty too. This was just part of the crime scene that she did in record time... 5 to 10 minutes, tops!
Oh and on top of that, our town had no water due to a water line break before noon. We didn't get water back til tonight.
Her response to all this... "I just wanted to make pictures!"
In the last two weeks she also drew a smiley face in ink on her pink pants and a face on my art room floor. (Just discovered the floor one a couple days ago.) And she said "I'm just making things look good mom. I'm an artist!" Oh boy. What do I have coming? Ha!

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martinealison said...

Une âme d'artiste !... J'imagine tout de même la scène !... pas facile à gérer en toute sérénité.
Le bonheur d'être parent passe aussi par là !
Gros bisous ma chère amie et un autre à ta fillette !