Outdoor Fun

A little fun we've been having lately...
What age doesn't like to fly kites?!?

Kaelyn is so excited for the kite festival that is coming up in June. Hopefully the weather will be good for it.

With Kaelyn out of school for the summer she was able to go with me to my doctor's appointment. We made a mother/daughter date out of the day and it was so much fun. We both love being out in nature...
She got into posing! Ha, ha!

Such a peaceful place to be. ♥

Oh and I wanted to mention, these are such fun outings that require very little to no money. Kites ~ a dollar each, nature hike ~ free, fun time spent with the kiddo ~ priceless!

Hope your week has been off to a good start.


Thankful Momma

Wow! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. Health wise things have not gone so smoothly in our household. I've had some road bumps in my own health journey and you would think Miss Kaelyn's health has been tied to a yo-yo. First flu bug for her then better then issues with external allergies that led to suppressed immune system that caused her to pick up more nasty bugs from school, cough, temp climbing to 104... scaring her mom, then temp dropping but then having horrible ear pain and temp back up again, then to clinic, try new meds only to have a nasty allergic reaction to new med and then off to a very busy ER. Thankfully our kiddo left the hospital with a smile... sooo different from our arrival.

After all those events and sleepless nights, all I wanted for mother's day was a calm day at home with my family and no more health drama. 
Earlier in the week, kale chips were a must when K started feeling a little better after her crazy high fever.
Kale mixed with coconut oil, cilantro, turmeric and sea salt then bake. A favorite snack!

Mother's day, so far so good...
Hubby spoiled me in more ways than one and grilled us an amazing lunch. Thank God for holding the rain off until we were done eating! :)
David tried something new~cooking salmon on cedar!
This boy is certainly good with wood! It was the best salmon we've ever tasted! I think he should cook like this every Sunday! ;)
We've had a much better day today. Health still isn't wonderful, but better. One week left of school. Hoping K can make it through this week!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommas reading this and those with "Momma" hearts who are struggling with infertility or those who have lost a child. I know Mother's Day is not easy for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

And a special Happy Mother's Day to my mom and mother-in-law! Hope you are having a great day! Love you!