I took this photo last weekend and didn't realize until I was looking through them that I got a bug... three actually. Ha! Surprising what details you can see when you stop and really look. :)

I hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend!


Mug Scrambled Eggs

When I found out my daughter was allergic to eggs and cheese around the age of one I went through a pretty long phase of not eating omelets, scrambled eggs and such even though I like them. I guess I just didn't want to go to the work of making them just for me to eat. Kinda crazy I know... they aren't that complicated. After I got back into eating them my husband saw a quick way to make scrambled eggs using a mug. This has to be the quickest, easiest way to make a single serving of scrambled eggs. This is probably old news, but just in case you haven't heard it's worth a try. :)

We are lucky to get fresh farm eggs from a guy my husband works with. (But all eggs turn out the same.) Start by cracking two in a large mug.

Put about one to 2 tablespoons of milk in with the eggs and mix really good with a fork. (I really don't measure the milk I just pour a little in.)

Then microwave 45 seconds, take out and stir and put back in for 30 seconds. (If you use too small of a mug it might overflow... just warning you.) Use a new fork and mix in cheese and your favorite seasonings. I like to use oregano, basil and cilantro.

That's it! Eat and enjoy. So simple, right!?


Sensitivity to those dealing with infertility

Lilies of the valley... so pretty and delicate. Delicate like our feelings.
Infertility has been on my mind a lot. I often pray for those dealing with primary infertility and secondary infertility. I didn't even know secondary infertility existed until 2 years ago. I was fully aware of primary infertility as I have seen relatives dealing with it first hand. So when I was lucky to have one child never did it enter my mind that having another may not be possible.
I've gone back and fourth about writing this post but decided I needed to share awareness about this issue. It is extremely painful for those dealing with it. Many keep their pain to themselves. But I want to offer support and help family and friends of loved ones who are struggling with infertility to not say the wrong things that cause more pain to the situation.
If you know a friend or loved one that is struggling to have a baby please read these posts:
Infertility Etiquette from Resolve
Infertility by Awestruck Wonder
Some good information on secondary infertility by Maggie O'Farrell

Everyone dealing with infertility will have a little different story, with how they are dealing with it, what treatments they choose to do, if adoption is an option. What will be the same for everyone is they will have a roller coaster of emotions over and over again. Hope to heartbreak time and time again. People will say hurtful things. Unless you have personally experienced infertility you just won't understand the emotional pain that is involved.

A lot of people don't understand secondary infertility. They say "You're lucky to have one." From personal experience, yes, you feel blessed every day and thank God for the one you have. But everyday you also watch the one you have grow and get to an age where they ask for a sibling, they go to the park and try to join other kids who are playing with their siblings, only to be rejected... they don't want to play with your kid. Your heart breaks time and time again. You know the complete joy and miracle it was to have one and you may not get to experience it again no matter how much you would like to. You really want to give your child a sibling but at what cost can you make it happen? Yes their are options, but they are expensive! That is part of the hurt secondary infertility parents feel.

How you can help?
When someone shares their fertility issues with you it is a BIG deal. It is an issue that is difficult to even talk about. No one wants to admit something is wrong with them. Be a good listener. Be careful what you say. (Read the above links.) If you don't know what to say, just let them know you care and that you will support them and listen any time. Pray for them... but only say it if you mean it!

I want to add one HUGE don't to the list that wasn't on the links and that is if you know a couple who has been having fertility problems DO NOT say you aren't in a rush to have a/another baby or anything remotely close to this scenario when in fact you are trying or will be very soon! One thing it is a lie and no one deserves to be lied to in my opinion, and that has to be the worst stab in the heart you can imagine to an infertile couple that hears you are expecting soon after you said you were in no rush! Be open and honest with them. If they have been open to you be open back and tell them that you are trying for a baby so they know the news could be coming soon, otherwise you may lose their trust for good.

My husband and I have been on the secondary infertility roller coaster for over 2 and a half years. It is all me, so yes that adds more guilt and stress on me but it has taught me so much! One of the biggest lessons is to be very considerate of other's feelings. You don't know what some people may be dealing with. In my case it was Graves Disease that messed up my body. What was supposed to be an easy 6 month radioactive iodine treatment 2 yrs ago ended up being anything but easy. It literally felt like my body was shutting down on the inside. After seeing 5 doctors I've found one that actually listens and is getting me back to feeling "normal". I pray often for good health and giving my daughter a sibling... all in HIS time.



We've had quite a bit of rain lately. I still have some planting to do including a couple begonia plants, ground cherries and tomatoes I recently picked up at the greenhouse. Kaelyn sure enjoyed that trip. Kind of hard to keep her from touching everything though. Ha! The plants have been liking the rain (as you can see above) but K was getting a little sick of it over the weekend and drew a rainy day picture. :)
Love the sun peeking out. In other news, Kaelyn sees an allergy specialist this Friday. I'm praying it goes smoothly and that she gets a good, kid friendly doctor.


Be Still & Let God {mixed media painting}

Standing back from the piece and seeing if I need to tweak some more, but it is almost finished. Need to put a glaze on once I know for sure I don't want to change anything else.
Sweet Robin from My Creative Peace interviewed me on her beautiful blog today! You can read it HERE.

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Have a wonderful weekend!



Today I am participating in color your world challenge. The color is green. The first word to come to mind when I think of this color is growth.
{Now We Have Everything Art Print in Green}
Our love grows.
{Grow with Me Green Bedtime Prayer}
Our faith grows.
Every living thing around us grows.

Read more about the color challenge HERE and join in the fun!