Update on Kamalee

Thought some of you may be interested on an update of our niece Kamalee's heart surgery. She's done with the worst and is now recovering. Everything sounds like it went really well. Thank God!! Her family really appreciates all the prayer support. Here's a picture of the little angel. Can't wait until I can hug her again!!


Enduring Arts is on Etsy!

I finally have my etsy shop up and running. There isn't too much inventory right now but I hope you enjoy browsing through the few pieces of artwork I do have on there. Etsy is an awesome place to shop for unique handmade gifts! Check out the other crafters and artists. There are some truely talented people out there! Your welcome to visit my shop at http://www.enduringarts.etsy.com/ and come back every so often to see if there are new items!


Fighter Pilot Drawing and Another Prayer Request

I did this pencil drawing quite awhile ago by request of my brother, for a bunch of new pilots in Texas. Jason is an amazing fighter pilot! It certainly takes a person with great determination and a strong faith to do the things he does. He is currently deployed and I ask you to pray for his safety and all the other men and women who are currently fighting for the peace in the world. They are amazing individuals and I'm thankful they have the strength to leave their families to fight for others. God Bless you all!


Designer Genes Photography and Prayer Request

So here is more information on the new Designer Genes Photography business and a few of my favorite photos that Amy has taken. First I'll share a little about her. She is an amazing person as well as photographer! Amy (and her husband Justin) have a beautiful little girl, Kamalee who was born with an extra chromosome. Kamalee inspired Amy to jump into the photography business and this is how she came up with the name 'Designer Genes'. Thank you Amy for having me design your logo and I wish you the best of luck! Okay on to some of her amazing work!!

This is one Amy took of Kamalee and I want to add a special prayer request for her. She will be having open heart surgery on February 26th. So please pray for her and her family that all goes smoothly.

On to a happier note, here are more examples of Amy's work:

Aren't they fun!? She's also very affordable. Her website isn't finished yet as she has been extremely busy with clients and now her daughters surgery so if you have any questions or want to set up a time for a photo shoot contact Amy at amy@designergenesphotography.com.

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! Her birthday was actually Friday so we took her out for supper. Here is a drawing I did of her awhile ago. She's the little toddler. Isn't she adorable!?! She's with my Aunt Sandy who is such a great supporter of my artwork!! They are both such a blessing to have in my life! This is just one of the many pencil drawings I have done. Maybe I'll eventually get some more pencil and charcoal drawings/commissions posted on here. Right now I'm busy working on another painting and trying to get over a flu bug!


New Acrylic Painting "Inner Strength"

Here is my most recent acrylic painting on wood (with digital color enhancement). I incorporated a design pattern I made from a few weeks ago and also painted the text "rise above your vulnerabilities, believe in your inner strength". This bird was hanging onto a bush right outside my window on a very windy day. I knew I had to photograph it to eventually put it into a painting. Watching the little bird that day made me realize what an amazing strength they must have to hang on to a branch through all kinds of bad weather. We can definitely relate that strength to our lives. Some of us have huge boulders laying in our path, but with great determination and believing in our inner strength anything is possible. We are able to rise above any boulder standing in our path. Be like the bird, hold on and believe in your strength. Free yourself and fly to a more peaceful destination.

My etsy shop should be opening the end of next week. Prints and cards should be for sale there if you are interested. Hope you enjoy it!


Logo Identity Design

Another part of the Wisp Woods identity package design was the Etsy Header. So far the logo identity includes the logo itself, business cards, vinyl graphics for the vehicle, product showcase book, Blog header and the Etsy header. My goal in creating the identity system is to always have unity within all of the pieces along with a touch of variety so the design always stays interesting. Feel free to check out some of Wisp Wood's small wooden products that are for sale at www.wispwoods.etsy.com .


Another Sneak Peek Logo Design

Here is a quick peek of a new logo design for the upcoming Designer Genes Photography business by Amy Ulschmid. Note the circular green part of the logo is able to change to a variety of colors so it probably won't be green when you see it again. As soon as Amy's website is complete I will share more information with you about her work and the logo. Can't wait!


Amy Lawrence Logo Design

I couldn't wait any longer to share Amy Lawrence's Photography with you. She hasn't had time to get her website totally updated so you will only see the main logo I designed on the opening page. You can view my design with a cropped view of the background design below in one of my older posts. Amy's photography is gorgeous! She captures everything from engagement, wedding, maternity, delivery, and all the way through your child's life. Her elegant portraits are a true piece of art! Here are a few of my favorites: