Summer Fun

A few random photos of our summer...

Our summer went by all too quickly. It was a busy one and I didn't get near what I wanted to accomplished but we still managed to have some time for fun and more excitement is coming. K couldn't wait to get back to school this morning and start first grade and I'm looking forward to an upcoming mini getaway with my husband to celebrate 11 years of marriage! Wow, time flies and oh my goodness this will be the first time away with my husband since we had K! Really I wouldn't mind taking her with on our adventure but it isn't very kid friendly and I'm sure she will have lots more fun with grandma and grandpa. Just hope there won't be any more wasp stings or other scares at the farm. :)


Plein Air Paint Out

Last weekend I was able to attend the Plein Air Paint Out in SD. The event consisted of 50+ artists who were creating art on/around the homestead on Friday and/or Saturday and then there was an art show and sale held on Sunday. It was the sixth year this event has been put on and my second year attending. It is a lot of fun and the people putting it on are so nice and welcoming. I love spending the day outside, petting animals, walking around the grounds taking photos and being able to create something without being interrupted by a six year old. :) Even though I got rained on a few times and I was completely windblown, it was wonderful!

I am always drawn to the horses. My mixed media painting, Spirit (posted about HERE), came about from the first Plein Air I attended. This year they even had a tiny pony about the size of a large dog. So adorable! This was the little one's mama...

Here is a glimpse of the piece I created on the grounds... and it sold on Sunday! Yay!
I have several more photos for inspiration on later paintings and drawings. I'm looking forward to working on them.


Simple Homemade Toothpaste

Awhile back in my "Makes Me Happy" post I mentioned about trying out homemade toothpaste. Since that post I have tried out two different homemade versions and am now sticking to a very simple and easy recipe that works great! Not only does my six year old enjoy helping make it she also loves using it. She likes the salty taste. :)
The great part is, there's only 3 ingredients and they are safe if swallowed! I have been determined to live simply and as healthy as possible.

Here is how we make the toothpaste:
1 Tablespoon organic extra virgin coconut oil {anti-bacterial and anti-fungal}
1/2 Tablespoon fine grain HimalaSalt {gentle abrasive that neutralizes acids in mouth and prevents bad breath and tooth decay; Himalayan sea salt is also rich in essential minerals}
1/2 Tablespoon baking soda {cleanses and whitens; also helps in the prevention of bad breath and tooth decay}

One can add essential oils, stevia or xylitol for taste but I choose not too. I believe the simpler ingredient list in our household the better.

Mix together and use a pea size amount for each use. A little bit goes a long way so we don't make much at once. We store our toothpaste in a reused ghee glass jar and use a knife to apply the paste to the toothbrush.
Even though this recipe is so simple, in my opinion it works better than any store bought brand I've tried. I am so glad to say goodbye to all the questionable ingredients in the store bought brands. I don't need any extra negative chemicals in my body! No matter what kind of toothpaste and toothbrush one uses the most important way to achieve strong, healthy teeth is by eating a clean, low sugar diet.

Here are just a couple links on why I wanted to try making my own toothpaste:
How to Reverse Cavities Naturally and Heal Tooth Decay by Dr. Axe
What are the Harmful Ingredients in Toothpaste via Livingstrong.com
Is Fluoride Destroying Your Smile by Dr. Axe

All product items are linked to what I use. They are the best I have found in quality and price.