New Art Prints for the Little One's Room

It is fun when customers contact me to design a special quote for them. Many times it is just a little change to the wording on a prayer print but sometimes I get an entirely new, fun quote to work with. The print above is one that came about from one of my latest jobs. The customer actually wanted a fun neutral green design similar to the one HERE... but a few days later I came up with this fun girly one above (reminds me of a summery popsicle) and I of course had to make a boy version shown below. That one reminded me of sea glass. I love the ocean so find that one very calming. Perfect for a nursery don't you think?

I made these prints by combining an original acrylic painting with some digital design. Hopefully in the near future I can make some small art blocks with these prints. I did small printouts of them and they are absolutely adorable if I can say so my self! :)

{Now We Have Everything in seaside hues}


Fiddlestix {revisited}

Fiddlestix Grand Opening is June 24 & 25th!!!


If you are in the area please stop by and check it out!

Fiddlestix is one of my all time favorite shops... and I'm not just saying that because they carry some of my stuff. There are just so many treasures in this place, the environment is so cheerful, and the sweet Shelly MoonPalmer (pictured above) is so creative on putting it all together!!! I honestly can't get out of the shop without something. :) Here is more of a peek since the last time I tried to take pics my camera died...

My daughter even loves the store. There is a little art desk that occupied her while I shopped and took pictures. Notice the ceiling and the thread tree in the other room. So fun!

Here's a portion of my original acrylic painting, "Life's Journey" that is for sale.

Shelly shares the link to how to make your own push pin/thread tree on the Fiddlestix blog HERE.

I could have shared several more pictures with you but I didn't want to spoil all the fun if you haven't been there and will be going. :)


one day at a time

{VBS one of the marketplace shops}

Lately my days have been filled to the brim. I think I am learning to just think about what needs to be done today, because if I think of all the projects needing to be done... well I might just explode! :) My design job, Enduring Arts business and being mom all at the same time is plenty but I somehow got talked into helping coordinate vacation bible school at my church. (Ok, I may also be bad at saying no, especially for church related activities.) But anyway we had a very short amount of time to pull VBS together... organizing, ordering supplies, lots of decorating, promoting. Thankfully God helped everything fall into place and the big event started last Sunday night and runs until Thursday night (tonight... its taking me a few days to just type this post!). The kids, ages 3 through 6th grade, seem to be having a lot of fun. Yes, my little one is attending and she is having a blast. (She also has a mind of her own and likes to challenge the leaders... oh no!) The kids are getting more and more wound up as the days go by so things stay interesting. ;)

{view of the marketplace and Mary's house}

{little ones taking part in the dye shop}

With so much going on there really hasn't been family time. But K and I did get up at 5:30 am last Saturday to watch David's bike race. Which he got first place so I'm glad we were there to watch! He has a triathlon coming up this weekend so we will go cheer him on and then hopefully we will have some nice family time when he's done with the event. This mama is in need of some fun relaxing time... it won't last long enough I'm sure!

{waiting for the race to begin}

{the start}

{he won!}