New Magazine Issue is Available!

I thought I would let you know that the fall issue is now available for purchase (just in case you haven't see it on Touched Creatively's website or blog). Choose between a download version or a printed issue if you want to see some amazing creative talents. I love the personality in this issue! I hope you check it out and find it to be inspiring. Have a fabulous weekend!


Sun rays...

I had to share this photo with you that I took last Saturday. I love the captured rays streaming over their heads. Kaelyn must be jabbering away and daddy is happily listening. Natural, beautiful and sweet. Saturday started off with an auction in the morning. I got an awesome deal on a chair, then in the afternoon we headed to Wing Fest where David ran in a 5K. There were lots of fun things set up for kids to do so Kaelyn played for quite awhile in a huge sandbox. We then watched David finish his race. He came in fourth place over all! I wish I was that good at running! We then ate lots of wings that came from area vendors. Was fun trying the different kinds. Kaelyn enjoyed the chicken mess too. We were then off to snap a few shots, like the one above and then out for a nice dinner. We shared an absolutely amazing bruschetta for starters. Kaelyn behaved so well while we were waiting for our food to come. I think she was excited to see what else she was going to get to eat. It was a wonderful family day.


Six Years... Really?!

It doesn't seem that 6 years ago from today I was walking down the aisle. Both David and I feel like its only been two. I feel like the luckiest girl. I have such a wonderful husband who continues to amaze me, who supports me in every way possible and is the greatest father to our little girl. I can't imagine life without him. Thank you so much for marrying me!


Modern Portrait Painting

Here is the finished modern painting for the newly married couple. This acrylic portrait measures 14"x11". I love the fact that no frame is needed. Simple color palette, but lots of pop! I always think its hard to pick wall decor but these would be the perfect answer. Now I just need some time to do my own family! I'll be doing one of Kaelyn for her room soon though! It's a must. If you want a custom portrait done feel free to email me at enduringarts@gmail.com. I can email you prices. It would make a great gift for weddings, any special occasion or just to brighten up your room with a picture that has a special meaning to you. I would love to have a set of 3 on my living room wall someday. Background color can be your choice.
I decided to go a step further and make the painting into a card and added their wedding date. I also laminated the top to give a sleek surface. It could be a creative and unique thank you card, or if it had been done well before the wedding it would have made some fun wedding invitations.


Paintings in Progress

Finally, a new post! Sorry its been so long. There are so many projects going on in this house; it's a crazy whirl wind. The second issue of Touched Creatively is going to be sent to the printer real soon! Very excited about that. Then I have been working on my Kaelyn inspired painting that I started quite some time ago. The only chance I get to work on it is at Open Studio art day that is once a month. I was planning on putting it in Kaelyn's room but I think it will look better in her bathroom once it gets remodeled since the colors in there will be pink and orange. Here is a picture of the painting so far so you get an idea... Need to change a few things and add a couple small butterflies. Will probably be a couple more months until I get time to finish it.
I'm also busy working on a modern style of portraits done with acrylic. I'm very excited about them! I have one planned for Kaelyn's room too that I can't wait to start but I have another commissioned drawing that is in line before I can start it. Anyways, I think these modern portraits will make great gifts and keepsakes. Here is a sneak peek of one in progress... I'll share a photo of the finished project before it ships off.My awesome husband has been working on building some bookcases we really needed, one for Kaelyn's room and one for all of his books and magazines. And hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed, he will be able to start installing kitchen cabinets towards the end of this week. We're still waiting for our counter top to come in but it would be nice to at least get a start.