Ready for the Worst {Health Scare}

It is no secret that my health has been one big roller coaster for the last few years. The last year and a half I've been spending a lot of time working to heal my own body through food and herbs. There has been a lot of improvement but there continues to be bumps in the road. When you work so hard at something and then still have a problem, frustration and discouragement set in. Over the Fourth of July I had another big health scare... probably the biggest so far. I knew my thyroid medication wasn't right as body tremors were racing through me once again. I absolutely hate the shaking feeling, sometimes you just feel it under the skin and other times your body (arms, head, legs) will literally be shaking. Heart will race. Legs weren't wanting to work right. Not fun. I knew what was causing it though, my thyroid medication was off and all I could do was wait for blood work results. Then came the night I was spitting up blood once again. I had tried to bring back a food and then this happened. I always get a bit scared when I see blood and it is discouraging. I was also having stomach pain that was getting worse. That night while laying in bed I felt a big hard lump right under my rib. I quickly felt my husband to see if he had one in that location and no, he didn't. I was SCARED! I've had other lumps in my body. They've been checked and not believed to be cancer since the lumps move. A doctor wanted to cut the neck lump out but I've been able to gradually shrink it by eating healthy food and taking oil of oregano (powerful herb!). I have had so many health problems already the only thing left on the list was cancer, so I was thinking the worst. That weekend I was researching every free moment I got. The more I read about Chemo the scarier it sounded. Spending tons of money to kill all the good cells in my body, among many other things did not set well with me. I truly believe our bodies can heal itself given the right foods (vitamins, minerals, herbs). The doctors office was booked for a month but with my issues I was rushed to same day appointment. On the way there I was thinking the worst news but I trusted God. I even told my husband, I trust God more than any human. He can heal me from food He provides. If I have cancer I might allow them to cut out as much as possible but I wouldn't do Chemo. I was following my heart. Of course I didn't want it to be cancer and I was praying God would take care of me, and I had some family praying. (Thank you guys!) And my appointment came and Thank the Lord there wasn't cancer. My large intestine was not happy and going a bit crazy with a squeezing pain. Body is still fighting Candida in my gut along with the food intolerances from leaky gut. Apparently my intestines are scratched easily and this was the reason for spitting blood. The lump was actually the back of my rib that you could feel from the front. My thyroid levels were off so much that I was having my Graves Disease symptoms and was losing weight again... so much I was under 100lbs. Blah!
But thank God, I was so happy for that news!!! I thought with my thyroid symptoms I was getting too much thyroid medication but turns out I was too hypothyroid. Crazy body! So my thyroid medication was upped. I'm currently doing better and so very thankful.
I wanted to share the praise. I believe no matter what is going on in your life, good things will come if you put your full trust in the Lord. Even if I had cancer and if the worst came, I was okay with the Lord taking me home to the most magnificent place. It would have been extremely hard saying good bye to my daughter and husband and thankfully I don't have to at this time. Right now I can continue to fight the demons in me... the Lord will help and guide me! :)

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." 
~Isaiah 41:10


Fargo Street Fair!

Fargo, ND Street Fair is going on now through the 19th! If you are near the area be sure to check it out!

Last week I was busy restocking art for Unglued who will be at the Street Fair and have their shop open on Broadway. They have such a wide range of unique handmade items and they also have such fun events going on regularly. Check out their site to see what all is happening: ungluedmarket.com

{image from last year's fair via HERE}


"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." ~Ferris Buller

So true. Life has seemed to be quite a whirlwind. If I didn't take pictures every once in awhile, everything would be a blur and I'm sure I wouldn't remember most of what happened. Thanks to photos I can enjoy the special moments a bit longer. :)
Days are full and busy around here, like most of yours I am sure. Not sure when there will be a quiet day at home, but I wanted to get these pictures from our Fourth posted before school is back in session...
 Kaelyn was so excited for fireworks this year and was not disappointed!
 I like to sit back and watch. :)
She was so scared to get on it and then didn't want to get off. :)

Since our usual Fourth of July plans changed, we thought it would be fun to take K to the big show we saw when we were dating/or newly married. She was amazed and thinks it should be our new Fourth of July tradition. I have to say, I'm glad we brought ear protection for her, otherwise I'm not sure she would have enjoyed it quite so much.

Although we had a great Fourth we were reminded how short life can be and to really enjoy these moments. The day after the Fourth, a dad of a family I used to babysit for was killed in a car accident. He was also a church family member and a friend of my parents. As sad as the news was we have seen God working and doing good things and we know he is in a wonderful place now.

During all this I also had a huge health scare, which I will try to go into more depth in a later post but God answered prayers and things are looking better. Thank the Lord!
There's always a mix of good and bad in life isn't there?

So here is a little more of the good and fun at the lake...

She's been having so much fun! Makes this mama's heart happy.


Family Time

There isn't anything better than spending time with my family. 
We were blessed with some fun experiences in June...

And now we are on to celebrating the fourth...

Hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July!