Clay it Again {favorite things}

Look what I got in the mail this week! A customized bracelet with my daughter's name! I LOVE it! And get this I won it from a giveaway going on at Christie Cottage. (Jacki hosts lots of fun giveaways on her blog.) After I won, the wonderful shop owner, Cindi from Clay it Again worked with me on customizing it. The original giveaway was for a customized necklace but I asked if she would consider making a bracelet and she agreed. :) I knew I wanted Kaelyn's name on it. In no time Cindi had the name done and emailed me a picture and asked some questions about what kind of bracelet/clasp I would like. First we thought Kaelyn would be wearing it but when Kaelyn saw pictures of it, she really liked it but said Mommy should wear her name! No need to push that idea. :) She is my little angel, sometimes naughty angel but she has blessed me in so many ways that this bracelet is a happy reminder of how lucky I am.
Poor babe got the stomach flu yesterday. :(
But she still had fun watching daddy photograph mommy wearing the new bracelet.
Cindi is one of the sweetest shop owners... so easy to work with. She went above and beyond what you would expect. Her customized jewelry would make the perfect gift for any age... use a person's name or even an inspiring word. Be sure to browse through her many handmade treasures at Clay it Again. She is also a talented oil painter! Check out her paintings at 12 Midnight Oils.
cardigan: Forever21
favorite t-shirt: Gnome Enterprises Etsy
jeans: ebay
diamond necklace: from hubby years ago :)


Another Easy & Healthy Recipe

I couldn't decide if I wanted an omelet or a salad for supper so I ended up combining the two and really liked the results. This was quick and easy to make and best of all it was really healthy. Here's how I made it... if you are wondering. :)
Chopped up onion and mushrooms and put them over low/medium heat with some coconut oil to lightly caramelize the onions. Then I whisked up 3 eggs with a dash of milk, oregano, basil and pepper... cooked it like an omelet. When it was done cooking I added just a little cheese and put the onions and mushrooms on, then scooped it onto a bed of lettuce and spinach. I added some flax seed and topped it off with a few dried cranberries to add a little extra color and sweet taste. I will definitely be making it again.
Too bad my daughter can't stand eggs (she was allergic to them since birth) and she hates the texture of lettuce. Boo! I'm thankful she loves steamed broccoli. She had a plate full of steamed broccoli and carrots with a touch of flax seed and an almond butter + strawberry jelly sandwich followed by dried cranberries and an orange for dessert.
What are your favorite healthy/easy meals to make? I would love some good ideas!


Sunday Snapshot

{outfit: vintage}

It is so fun seeing what K's great grandma has kept for years and gives Kaelyn to wear. I love this outfit and it's even Kaelyn's favorite color. :)
Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!


NEW Design {Letters from God}

{print available HERE}

"Pay attention to your dreams for they are your letters from God." -Jewish Proverb

When I read this proverb in a book a couple months ago, I knew I had to make it into a design. The words spoke to me and I wanted the words so I could see them daily and be inspired. Thinking others may enjoy the design too, I added a few to my shop. Although I made the print for me, after playing around with different color options I thought this yellow one would look really cute in my daughter's room. :)


A MUST See Site!

Do you ever wonder why so many people are getting sick these days? I don't mean just the flu bug I mean the more serious stuff like allergies to diseases. It seems like many little people these days are getting sick and dying from serious illnesses and it breaks my heart. Cancer is a biggie. I've been doing some research lately on health since I'm dealing with my own issues and have come across some interesting sites. One is the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. If you haven't checked it out before I think you should. In my opinion the site contains very valuable information on items that can greatly affect our health. There is a ton of information on there. One statement that jumped out at me was that nearly 80% of cosmetics have not been evaluated for safety. What? You would think if it is in a store, a brand name even that it should be safe to use. Ha! Boy was I wrong. I think this world has become way too money hungry because so many of the products we use are hazardous! Money is such a priority these days which is so sad. Anyway, that's a whole different story, back to the site. I about fell off my chair when I typed in my favorite chap stick and it was a high risk, hazardous item! Chap stick? Seriously?! That is something I use all the time and even let my daughter use cuz she wants to be like mommy and where "lip stick". I'm not letting her touch it after seeing the risks.

You are able to type in products that you use on a daily basis, such as toothpaste, hair products, skin care, make up, baby products... the list goes on. It will show you if your items are safe. Just check it out HERE, I bet you'll learn something!


LIVESTRONG Bicycle Painting Complete!

Completed just before the New Year! Yippee! I am so glad to be done with this project. Sadly these photos don't capture all the detail but they at least give you a good idea. For those of you not into biking it says LIVESTRONG on Lance Armstrong's butt. Such a powerful word combo don't you think?
I love the bold black paint on the sides.
The white paint has been a little controversial and honestly I'm just fine with that. Actually I like that because it gets people talking. For me it adds extra interest and it really brings your eye to the detail. It says I am a painting! I like the unexpected. :) Kind of like this New Year... who knows what's going to happen.