Loved ~ Wood Burning

A design and handmade wood burning for my grandma... her favorite Bible verse, John 3:16 and what
a powerful one it is. The gorgeous wood frame was made by my husband of Wisp Woods
Love teaming up with him on projects! He's been making the most beautiful wooden bookmarks lately. 
You can check out a few HERE. Kaelyn and I want to keep all of them! :)

Have a wonderful day, and remember how much you are loved. ♥


A Sweet Logo Design

I haven't been so good about getting new designs posted. This was a really fun logo to create. The business owners were awesome to work with and had a good idea of what they wanted. What made this job even sweeter was getting the actual product to try! It is so awesome to actually see my design on an actual product but then to try out the item... oh my goodness! We made avocado pudding with the honey and it was amazing! Kaelyn doesn't like avocados but she loved this dessert. The recipe will definitely be shared in one of our Enduring Health newsletters (can sign up at the bottom of the page) and possibly eventually on the Enduring Health blog.

Thank you Brad and Crystal! I wish your business great success!


Golden Sunshine Birthday

I can't believe it has almost been a month since we celebrated Kaelyn's golden birthday! She is our little sunshine so it worked great for her golden theme. She loves to see what I come up with for decorations and of course she's excited for the food/dessert too. I made a wild rice dish and a couple cupcake experiments. Her golden ones were chocolate chip pumpkin with a unique frosting, no lemon. (unique, but tasty and good!) The recipe will most likely be shared in one of the first two Enduring Health Journey newsletters. If you are interested in receiving healthy recipes, uplifting inspiration, and tips for healthier living please sign up at the bottom of the page on my new website HERE. I will try to have the first newsletter out the end of this month and it will only be coming out quarterly so I won't be flooding your inbox. :) The recipes shared in the newsletter may or may not be put on the Enduring Health Blog. Kaelyn is so excited to help in sharing healthier lifestyle tips and allergy friendly meal plans.

She had a great birthday and was so happy for all those who could make it. The weather isn't always the best when we plan to celebrate so we are thankful for those who are determined to make it and have safe travels. Several people went out of their way to make her day extra special. Thank you! It was a golden birthday she won't soon forget. :)