an end to 2010

2010 is soon to be over. It has been a bit of a blur but I do look forward to 2011. When I look back to a year ago I had some really great expectations for 2010. Although it has been a great year I am changing my mind set a little and just hoping to enjoy the journey that 2011 brings and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for our family.

Kaelyn has thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas decorations this year and will be pretty sad to see the Christmas tree leave the living room. (Yes we keep them up the entire month of December... at least... more time to enjoy the magical sparkle.)

We don't have any real exciting plans for celebrating the New Year. The lovely SD weather has supplied us with plenty of snow and travel is not advised so we're a little limited on what we can do. It is okay though, hubby's been working around the house and I've been working on some design requests. Hopefully shortly we'll have some nice family time. :)

I know Kaelyn is always up for a good time. Whether it's singing, playing or dancing... she's ready to rock it! Ha, ha!

Happy 2011!


DIY Project Before the Holidays

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. I have tons... ok several things to share with you. First off I'll show you another DIY project. Everything I look at I see possibilities... which is nice for the pocket book and probably the environment too... things don't simply get trashed. So first off is this buffet/dresser which a cousin didn't want anymore and I'm always on the search for more storage. This was a perfect addition to our kitchen.

Before: painted brown... not so pretty.

Then I've always wanted a nice way to show Christmas photos so I figured I'd make my own photo board. This frame was really nice but not quite my style. The cheaply framed cork board was going to be trashed at hubby's work so he brought it home for me. :)

So here is what I did with some primer and white paint:

Don't these items look much happier?! White gives a nice clean, fresh feeling and it goes with everything else. If it was colored I'd most likely get sick of it pretty quick. And the total cost was $5! That's right. We had the paint already from other house projects. The frame was found at a garage sale and everything else was free! I was going to change out the knobs but they actually looked good with the black and white stove and the counters in the kitchen are charcoal. I'm definitely getting lots of enjoyment out of this thrifty makeover. Hope you enjoyed seeing it.


Wishing You...

Merry Christmas!

Photos by
Dolby Photography. Christmas card design by me.


Still Here!

Sorry I've been away for quite some time! Busy is an understatement but I'm sure many of you can relate. It always seems like a busy time around the holiday season. The last couple weeks I had been working really hard for a craft fair that was held last weekend. It went okay, but I think next year I'll just work more on my online shop. I'll be adding some fun things to Enduring Arts etsy shop in 2011... some things that were at the show and some I need to make more of. Other than getting ready for the craft fair, I was working on a custom modern portrait, etsy orders, another design project, then there was a funeral in there, (Sad! But this amazing guy left this world in a wonderful way and we were able to see family we don't often see so that was a blessing too.) and a birthday party. This week has been trying to get the house in order, decorated, Christmas cards sent, some more house renovating projects, a design project... and trying to out run the sickies that have been going around. (hubby and K both caught it... although K didn't seem effected much, she was still her hyper self.) So that's a bit of what's been going on.

There always has to be some fun time worked in! This was the night after the craft show when we spent a little time with family. K was roller skating for the first time. She loved it!

And whenever I get a little extra time it's spent with this kiddo. So you may not hear much from me until after Christmas. :)
♥ Take Care! ♥