Happy Halloween!

This little flutter bug could not wait to go trick or treating this year! She is already looking forward to next years Halloween. :)

It was a delightful night filled with visiting family and friends.
Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


Artistic Pumpkin

Here is Kaelyn's masterpiece of a pumpkin. :)
She loves to paint so that was her choice on how to decorate it. For some reason this girl likes spiders. (She is not at all like her mother in that area!) Anyway so I obliged and drew her a spider and then she drew a web and gave it some nice color. She loves it and insists that it cannot stay outside for other people to see. It has to be in the house so she can keep an eye on it. Ha, ha!

Have a great weekend!


Beautiful Fall Weekend

The weather was beautiful this weekend. (for SD temps anyway) It was nice to be outside for awhile even if there was work to be done like raking. :)
Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Follow Your Heart...

Always... even when it is hard.
Believe in yourself!


Super Simple Supper

Thought I'd share what I made for supper last night... a baked taco ring. It looks a little fancier than our normal meal and it's easy to make! I love that since I don't enjoy sending long in the kitchen. (I just don't have enough time in the day! Ha!) Click HERE for the recipe. Kaelyn really enjoyed watching the "sun" be made out of the crescent rolls and meat mixture. When I make it again I'll probably add some beans to it. :)
I was able to use onions and tomatoes from my garden. Love fresh produce!
Kaelyn is a pretty picky eater but she gobbled it up (except for the lettuce and onions)! Hope you enjoy it as well.


Beautiful South Dakota Day

Enjoying this weather. There aren't going to be many more days like today (atleast for several months)... soon the ground will be covered in snow and I will want to hibernate. :)


Kaelyn's Happy Place

Kaelyn had so much fun last weekend. Here are just a couple of the highlights...

{K and me by my cloud painting}

Last Friday was the artists' reception at the Goss. K was so proud of her painting and the attention she was getting. Sure you can't tell with her happy dance! :)

Then Saturday after playing with one of her cousins she hadn't seen for a long time she went to a birthday party at one of her very favorite spots... the Children's Museum in Brookings SD. If you have young children and you're near Brookings, it is a must stop. Kaelyn would go every day if she could.

You won't stay dry in the water room, but it is sure fun for all ages.

Who wouldn't love a huge light brite!?
Here's Laney the birthday girl in the art room. :)
K with 3 of her cousins on air!
Digging for dinasour bones... or just digging. :)
One happy three year old.