Kaelyn's Happy Place

Kaelyn had so much fun last weekend. Here are just a couple of the highlights...

{K and me by my cloud painting}

Last Friday was the artists' reception at the Goss. K was so proud of her painting and the attention she was getting. Sure you can't tell with her happy dance! :)

Then Saturday after playing with one of her cousins she hadn't seen for a long time she went to a birthday party at one of her very favorite spots... the Children's Museum in Brookings SD. If you have young children and you're near Brookings, it is a must stop. Kaelyn would go every day if she could.

You won't stay dry in the water room, but it is sure fun for all ages.

Who wouldn't love a huge light brite!?
Here's Laney the birthday girl in the art room. :)
K with 3 of her cousins on air!
Digging for dinasour bones... or just digging. :)
One happy three year old.


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

AWw... she is so sweet! Looks like she had such a great weekend. She should be proud of her painting... it is beautiful! Love the happy dance! :)

Wendy Schreter said...

Tell me what print you would choose if you were the winner: I would defintely choose the print "I prayed For this Child And the Lord has granted me What I asked of Him". Even though Shania has been a real challenge as an adopted child, God obviously put her in our life for a reason. Maybe to help change our hair color to grey, but nonetheless, it only happened because He wanted it to. Wendy Schreter