The Greatest Gift of All ~ Part 3

Be sure to read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE before reading Part 3. Thank you!


You would think after receiving the ultimate gift from their father, the childrens' lives would go smoothly and everything would be good. But this was not so. Although both children accepted the same perfect gift each used it differently in their lives. Neither entirely understood the benefits of such a great gift for it was beyond what they could imagine.

The daughter took her father's words to heart. She knew how much he loved her, she knew how much she loved and missed him, and she knew she wanted her father's ways to continue. By living a life like her father, she knew many others around her would be touched and blessed. Changing her way of living was not an easy task. She found that controlling her tongue as well as her negative thoughts to be two of the most difficult challenges. She would also have to get out of her comfort zone and reach out to others. But she pressed on. She wanted her life to be a tribute back to her dad, a thank you for loving her beyond measure. She would imagine her father looking down upon her with a smile on his face with every good step she made. She did what she did not because she felt she had to for her father, but because she wanted to and because of the love she felt for him. Her heart had changed... it had grown. She learned that doing good was not the easiest route to take but somehow it was definitely the most rewarding. Yes, she faced trials from time to time, sometimes she wondered if she was going to survive the struggling and suffering, but she would refocus her mind on the positive, on her father, what he would have done in her situation. Her father's letters gave her great hope and inspiration during the difficult times. After patience and endurance through the battles in her life she was always able to overcome them and feel more powerful than before. She grew thankful for the difficult times because looking back, she could see that through the journey she was learning new and important lessons. She was becoming a better and stronger person. She was feeling freer from struggles that would have previously made her feel miserable long term.

People around her were always watching. Some were quick to cast judgement on her. They didn't take the time to get to know her, but then there were others who were drawn to her, one's that didn't even know why their paths joined hers but in time they were touched by her. They learned new things about themselves through her kind words and actions. They were drawn to her for the good and it made them want to be better... for themselves and for others. She was also encouraged by them. There was an indescribable strength through the positive actions.

The brother was going through life completely different. He said he accepted his fathers final gift at the same time his sister did, but the acceptance did not make it into his heart. The acceptance of the gift only made it in his mind. He went on with his life saying many things his father did and did some good deeds but he remained focused on his own works. He was still driven by worldly things... money, his company, his own desires of things he wanted and wanted to do. He couldn't see the power that his father was giving him through his final gift. He didn't allow his heart to be open for change. His mind was always racing on what he thought he needed to do next. This was quite the opposite from his sister. She would allow her mind to rest on her father and his ways and words and allow them to guide her. But the son, he was guiding himself which made for very difficult times and he continued to grow weaker. It felt like he was always fighting against someone or something. He didn't realize that the biggest battle was going on inside himself. He did things because he thought he had to. He didn't see any use for controlling his tongue and controlling his own mind was not even a thought. To him life was just going to happen, he didn't see how he could have any impact on it for the good. Even though his father was on his thoughts from time to time, he remained in his own works and because of this he could not truly prosper in any area of his life.

The sister saw how her brother was struggling. She could see the war that was going on within himself. She tried to make him see that the ways of their father and the love for him had to be embedded in their hearts. She tried to get her brother to read their father's letters but he always responded that he didn't have time for that. This hurt her for she knew how life could change for the better for him if he just took the time and put his focus on their father, his ways and words, and allow his mind and heart to be renewed. But the sister knew that she could not push him, that if she did it would only drive him farther away. So she went about her day, focusing on the good, focusing on her father and what she could do for someone else. Because of showing great love, the daughter felt so full, so happy and blessed in return. She couldn't think of living life any differently. She wanted the same for everyone around her. She wanted everyone to feel loved. She realized that EVERYONE had been given this amazing gift. The ultimate gift was given a very long time ago and it is passed down to each generation. The daughter wants everyone to know the great power that dwells within each believer. She knows by watching her brother and others around her that there is a choice to accept this great gift... not just to accept it through mind and word but in the heart. By truly accepting the great power and love, it completely changes a person. It makes them live for the good, it makes them do good, it makes them love in a new way, it makes them see life so differently... there is no longer a darkness but light and hope in all situations. The sister does not know what any given day will bring, but she is certain that good will come from it. She prays that one day her brother will experience this light... because there is no greater gift!

The End.

Initially I didn't know there was going to be a part three. But I felt it laid on my heart that many people aren't realizing the amazing gift that dwells within them. This power is just waiting and wanting to be used. God gave US, you and me who believe in Him, the Holy Spirit to dwell within for a purpose. It isn't meant to sit in us and do nothing until the day we die. We are meant to be transformed, to do good and amazing things right now in this life. The Bible is filled with so many letters explaining how it is best to live our life. It tells us how to overcome evil that we will experience. It explains a good part of God's will for us. I have never been so excited to learn... it is like discovering the best kept secrets, but the crazy part is it shouldn't be a secret. We are meant to share the good exciting news, but somehow Satan has such a strong hold on this world, so many people aren't hearing/learning the so called secrets to living a better life! Jesus came to Earth to show us by His actions the ways we should go. We are suppose to learn from what he did and said. Sure we can believe in Him and believe that he died on the cross for our sins to save us and have eternal life, but I feel that there is so much more that is not being taught, even in many churches. Jesus died, so we could be given the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, so we can be the hands and feet of Christ. Jesus paid the ultimate price so we are able to overcome Satan's evil doings! We should be thanking God for His amazing gift by loving Him and doing the good that He showed us to do. He wants us to pray continually for guidance, and if we really are being true to His ways, He will answer our prayers, He will be glad to guide us, He will show us His great love. I am certain of this. So long I didn't make the time for Him. I didn't make the time for a relationship with Him. I didn't realize what I was missing and through that journey I learned that I was really hurting myself for not taking the time to get to know Him. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was allowing Satan into my life and even allowing him to work through me. And although my journey has been a rough one, I am so thankful for it, because God has drawn me closer to Him by experiencing those difficult times. I now know that God was after my attention the whole time. He loves me and He loves you. He is OUR Father who wants the best for us. We just need to give Him our time, our focus and allow Him to work through us. Our Father has a great plan for us. Are we willing to let Him move us?