The Greatest Gift of All! ~ Part 1 Do you have it?

There once was a wise man. Although he was very rich, he had a good heart. Unlike most prosperous people around him he was always thinking of others' needs before his own. He loved giving gifts, especially unexpected gifts. He enjoyed giving the most to his children, a son and a daughter. Even though the man had so much, he did not believe in simply spoiling his children. He wanted his gifts to be special, exciting, well thought out and with a special purpose in mind. The children adored their father growing up. He was a giver, not only of gifts but of his time and love.

When the son and daughter grew older they moved many miles away to go to school. They started careers and became very focused on growing their own companies. They wanted everything their father had and more. They became so busy with their own lives that contact with their father was gradually being pushed to the side. His calls weren't being returned. His letters were left unanswered. Sometimes his letters weren't even being read. He didn't want to force his relationship with them. He loved them and wanted them to be happy with whatever choices they made. But his heart did ache for them terribly. He would do anything for his children! He started to wonder if he was on their heart any more.

The children continued on with their busy lifestyles... work, dinners, meetings, parties, keeping up their homes, and so forth. One day the father decided to surprise them with investing a huge sum of money into their new careers. His thought was that it would take away any financial strain from them and it would be a great seed that would continue to grow and the wealth could eventually be shared with others. The son and daughter were thrilled with the generous gift from their father, but they remained captivated in their busy lifestyles and didn't even get around to thanking their father. The thought would pop into their minds every so often that they needed to call him and thank him but the moment never seemed right, time was passing so quickly, this and that had to be done first. Just too much had to be done. The father's heart was hurting. His children who he loved so much wouldn't acknowledge him. He had done so much for them. He had what seemed to be everything, everything that could be theirs one day, but they were so focused on their own daily lives that they couldn't see the end picture. The father was hoping that the children would look back on their childhood and remember his actions, to learn from it and walk in his ways. For his life was good. Very good. He was rich in so many ways.

Not long after, the children received another letter in the mail from their father. It stated that he felt like he wouldn't be around much longer but he had a really wonderful gift he wanted to give them. It was something they couldn't get anywhere else. Something that would change their lives forever.
The children were stunned to get such a letter. What was wrong with their father? He had always been a strong and healthy man. They decided they needed to tie up loose ends at work and then the next day they would fly home to be with their dad.

Once they arrived home, they learned the devastating news; their father had passed away the night before in his sleep. What did he die from they asked? They were told, "His heart just stopped." They were also told that their father had left them a gift upstairs and he wanted to be sure they got it. The children were so stunned and heartbroken from the loss of their father that they didn't believe they could accept one more gift from their dad and returned home without seeing what was in store for them.

As time went by, thoughts of their father invaded their minds. They had so many good memories of him. He was always full of laughter, helping them and everyone else around them, he saw the good in every situation... he was a remarkable man. No one was like their dad. They started to realize for the first time in their lives that no one who received gifts from their dad deserved to. He never once wanted anything in return. His delight came in the giving. His heart was better than gold.

Will the children go back to their childhood home and see what the last gift was that their father left them?

Part 2 can be found HERE.

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