Painting, Drawing and More Updates

Behind the adorable glove puppy made by Jodi Spilde there is a small sneak peek of my newest painting that is still in progress. I can't wait to get back to working on it. This one was inspired by my little girl, Kaelyn. I finally am getting some bright colors in my work! She sure loves them too. I had to put it on hold for a while due to finishing up the first issue of Touched Creatively and its website. Now I am busy working on a portrait drawing that needs to be completed within the next week and a half. It has been awhile since I have done one.

We had a busy Saturday. David did a bike time trial race around Lake Kampeska in Watertown. He did AWESOME!! He won first in his age group and second overall! If he was able to train all the time he could definitely be the next Lance Armstrong. I was disappointed that I forgot my camera! It was too early for me to remember things. I'm not used to getting up at 5:30am! Hopefully I'll remember at the next event. David will be in another triathlon this next Saturday. It will be his first attempt at an open swim. Glad its not me, I would probably make it a 5 mile swim route and then drown from exhaustion!

Oh, and Jodi Spilde has more glove puppies for sale. Check out her blog if your interested. She also has many more amazing creations like handbags, watercolors and more for sale. Check it out!


Printed Issue has Arrived!

The first issue of Touched Creatively is now available in printed form or a download. Be sure to check it out at http://www.touchedcreatively.com/ . Let me know what you think about it. I'm always open to suggestions. Also feel free to pass the information on to other artists. Everyone is welcome to submit their handmade work. I would be glad to feature them in the magazine or/and the blog. Visit the website for more details. Have a great weekend!


Check out Touched Creatively!!!

Touched Creatively's website is complete and its first magazine (above) will be coming soon! If you want to see some amazing talents and find some great gift ideas or just be inspired by others be sure to follow the blog. Anyone is welcome to leave comments and offer their encouragement to the artists. We all love comments!!!

Also if your an artist and would like more exposure for your handmade creations, submit some photos of your work with a meaning behind the end product or the process and I would be glad to share it with others! Just email this information to touchedcreatively@gmail.com . Thanks!



It was fun to see that Jess Gonacha featured my painting, "Seeking Your Path" on Pecannoot on Tuesday. So glad my words can touch others too. Yeah, I'm a little late getting it on my blog. We still have a sick household. Kaelyn is even worse and the medicine we got today makes everything come up! Icky! Not a good weight gaining week for her. She's already at the really low end for her age group so praying she gets better real soon. Hoping David feels much better in the morning too! Hopefully we can get some much needed sleep now.


Family is Everything!

I hope all you mothers had a wonderful day on Sunday! I feel so blessed to have the family I do. I had a great day! I didn't work for once which was so nice. Well, I suppose some people would call what I did working but overall it was relaxing for me. Sunday began with the perfect mother's day gift. The photo above shows it. My husband baked the imprint of Kaelyn's hand into a glass heart. We had similar glass hearts on the tables at our wedding reception almost 6 years ago! Then he wrote her name and date in it. It was the sweetest most meaningful gift I could have ever hoped for. Then the day went on with the usual outing to church, then out to eat with my family and relatives... such great food at our little town's cafe, and then my husband and I worked on painting Kaelyn's room. We painted white on the ceiling, the trim, windows, doors and the entire closet. Then we had to wait for it to dry so I headed to my grandma's house to visit more with my relatives that came from Sioux Falls. I'm so glad my Texas cousins moved back to South Dakota!!! I love being able to see them more often! Whenever my family gets together with my cousins and aunt, you just know your going to have a good time and do some good belly laughing! Being able to all get together at my grandma's house is priceless too. You would never know her age by how she acts. She's incredible! After a quick supper there and everyone headed home, David watched Kaelyn so I could finish painting her room! I was so excited to get color on her wall! I describe the color as a pastel lime green. It really makes the white trim pop. It gives such a freshness to the room. Now I can't wait to get carpet in there and decorate! That may take awhile but at least we're getting real close.

This was one of the pictures I framed and gave to my mom for Mother's Day. Its our four generation picture that was taken quite awhile ago. I gave one to my grandma right away and totally forgot about giving my mom one until a few weeks ago. Sorry mom. You know how crazy things get in my household! Love you!

I hope every one's week is starting better than ours. Kaelyn has been under the weather. Her temp kept spiking last night so no one in our house got much sleep. She seemed to have a little more energy this afternoon so hopefully tomorrow she'll be back to her usual self. I hate to see little one's feel so miserable and you can't fix it! Take Care!


Sweet Treasure

Sometimes people's "junk" can be another person's treasure. This is how I got this lovely mini pouch. I love it! I have no idea who made it, where it came from, but it brightens my mood when I look at it. The photo doesn't do it justice. The colors and textures are absolutely amazing and the tiny little details...oh my! My mom and I spotted it at the same exact time and both dove for it. It wasn't priced so I asked...and boy, I'll just say I got one fantastic deal! I love handmade! (Thanks mom for letting me get it!)
This has been another crazy week with a bunch of odd jobs thrown into the mix. From photo editing, to calligraphy to special printing projects, and then of course a bunch of magazine layout designs. The magazine is coming together and I'm so excited!!!
Open Art Studio Day is tomorrow! Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and work on their own artsy projects. Its all the same information from the previous open art studio day post...
same location, time, and bring a dish to pass for lunch.
Have a great weekend everyone!