A few details from around my yard this morning.
Enjoy the little things this weekend! :)


Rainy Day...

... a good day. :)


Welcome Spring

The weather has been gorgeous around here lately. Saturday was the first day in... months?... I can't remember the last time that I didn't have to work, so we had a fun family day. With the warm temps and gentle breeze we took out hubby's boat he built years ago.
Kaelyn was testing out her new fishing pole. She says she's practicing up to go fishing with Grandpa. :)
Loving the boat ride!
We saw so many turtles. It was like searching for where's Waldo only it was where are the turtles?
K helping row.
I really don't know what K was doing here, but it looks like she's thoroughly
enjoying God's gifts on this beautiful day.
Thankful for such a great day!


Meet Bella

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The weather here was amazing! I can't believe just 2 weeks ago we had snow and ice and this last weekend we were in the 80's! Crazy S.D. weather!
Today isn't so nice... rainy, so rather then spending a few free moments outside I'm blogging. :)
Meet Kaelyn's new buddy, Bella! Isn't she adorable!?

Bedtime Prayer: Enduring Arts

My friend Jodi Spilde made her and she's adding more to her online shop along with some adorable giraffe's. You never know what this girl will create so keep an eye on her shop HERE.
These ballerina's are even cuter in person. The tutu and shoes come off so you could dress up the doll in different outfits. Too cute!


Productive Weekend

It wasn't exactly a fun, relaxing weekend but it was a good productive one. Besides the regular work on Friday I finally came up with the right colors for a baby boy's LOVE print...

{baby boy LOVE print}

Kaelyn picked out her favorite LOVE print in girly rainbow colors, see it HERE, so I figured I needed a boy version too. It sure took a lot of tweaking and test prints to get it just right.

Saturday was art group and I was able to finish up this commissioned cat drawing.

It was a fun little 5x7 graphite drawing.

The rest of Saturday was spent filling out paper work to see a new doctor. Never had to fill out so much information before. It felt like I was back in grade school taking a very long test. It seems to have been well worth it though. Will fill you in on that later and when I know more.

Sunday was the usual start with church, then some work and getting some of K's outgrown clothes ready for a big sale this weekend. Still have a long ways to go on them. It will be another crazy, busy week. :)


God's paintings through Akiane

Lately when I have a few moments of peace and quite before I go to bed I have been reading "A Shelter from the Storm" (it is a great daily devotional book) and "akiane". If you haven't heard about Akiane yet I strongly urge you to check her out and read her book. Believer or not, READ this book! It is truly fascinating! It really shows how we all have a special purpose in this life...
The book shares a glimpse of her life and how her art came about. It also has poetry she has written. What makes this story so amazing is she started creating amazing detailed images at only 4 years old! The book covers some of her work through age 11. The paintings I photographed here, including the one of "Father Forgive Them" that is on the cover, were done at age 9!!! Most of her work has an incredible meaning to go with it. The inspiration of her work comes from God, angels and heaven. How awesome is that?! God is seriously working through this girl. Would you have guessed that her parents were non-believers? The book tells how they had a change of heart.

Seriously, one of the best books... READ IT!

Find out more about Akiane on her website and facebook.

The beautiful wooden bookmark was made by my talented husband.
Thinner than a quarter! You can find similar ones for sale in his Wisp Woods shop.

***A big thank you to my mom for letting me borrow the Akiane book
before she even read it. So sweet! It will be going back to you soon. :)


Meet our new addition to the family!

One night about a week ago there was crying on our front doorstep. K and I went to check it out and here was a sweet teenage kitty. He was so happy to see us so we loved him up for a bit and gave him some food and sent him on his way. He had looked like he had been well cared for so figured he would go back home. He did return an hour later but after a few more pets we said goodbye again. Well the next night he was back and cold... it was snowing and not such a nice night. After we cuddled him for awhile I gave him to hubby to take outside. Hubby had already said he didn't want cats in his shop because he didn't want them to make a mess on his wood. It wasn't long after they went outside together and hubby said to come see his new shop cat. Ha, ha!

The shop cat loved hubby as much as he did us girls. His affection won us over so it looks like he'll be sticking around awhile. :) (And I have to add he's been a very well behaved and happy shop cat.)
K and shop cat play together like siblings, it is so funny to watch. Love it!

And if you are wondering why he didn't get to stay in our house, this is why...
This is Trigger. Hubby gave me this Himalayan/Persian fluff ball as a gift for my college graduation. You should have seen him when he was a kitten. Oh my goodness, adorable with two huge eyes and a puff of fur! :) He's my baby. He follows me around the house. Sometimes he will want attention from K but he rarely warms up to hubby which is funny. The two cats couldn't have a more different personality.