Productive Weekend

It wasn't exactly a fun, relaxing weekend but it was a good productive one. Besides the regular work on Friday I finally came up with the right colors for a baby boy's LOVE print...

{baby boy LOVE print}

Kaelyn picked out her favorite LOVE print in girly rainbow colors, see it HERE, so I figured I needed a boy version too. It sure took a lot of tweaking and test prints to get it just right.

Saturday was art group and I was able to finish up this commissioned cat drawing.

It was a fun little 5x7 graphite drawing.

The rest of Saturday was spent filling out paper work to see a new doctor. Never had to fill out so much information before. It felt like I was back in grade school taking a very long test. It seems to have been well worth it though. Will fill you in on that later and when I know more.

Sunday was the usual start with church, then some work and getting some of K's outgrown clothes ready for a big sale this weekend. Still have a long ways to go on them. It will be another crazy, busy week. :)


martinealison said...

Adorable et magnifique dessin que celui de minou...
Les jours passent si vite, n'est-ce pas ?
Je vous fais de gros bisous.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Sounds like a busy weekend Jodi! Love this print. Love the words, love the colors! Cute cat! Hope things work out well with your new doctor.