God's paintings through Akiane

Lately when I have a few moments of peace and quite before I go to bed I have been reading "A Shelter from the Storm" (it is a great daily devotional book) and "akiane". If you haven't heard about Akiane yet I strongly urge you to check her out and read her book. Believer or not, READ this book! It is truly fascinating! It really shows how we all have a special purpose in this life...
The book shares a glimpse of her life and how her art came about. It also has poetry she has written. What makes this story so amazing is she started creating amazing detailed images at only 4 years old! The book covers some of her work through age 11. The paintings I photographed here, including the one of "Father Forgive Them" that is on the cover, were done at age 9!!! Most of her work has an incredible meaning to go with it. The inspiration of her work comes from God, angels and heaven. How awesome is that?! God is seriously working through this girl. Would you have guessed that her parents were non-believers? The book tells how they had a change of heart.

Seriously, one of the best books... READ IT!

Find out more about Akiane on her website and facebook.

The beautiful wooden bookmark was made by my talented husband.
Thinner than a quarter! You can find similar ones for sale in his Wisp Woods shop.

***A big thank you to my mom for letting me borrow the Akiane book
before she even read it. So sweet! It will be going back to you soon. :)

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