New Magazine Released

If you haven't already seen on Touched Creatively's blog or website, the new issue consisting of handmade creations just for kids is now available! I released the issue a little earlier than expected. Starting on Thanksgiving day through January 1st, ALL printed issues of Touched Creatively are on a Holiday Special for $4.89! They are normally $6.29. If you would like to go directly to these issues for a short preview or immediate purchase click HERE. The issue above is the most adorable issue! Wonderful talents, creative ideas for unique gifts and lots of inspiration! Don't miss out if you have small kids or little loved ones you like to shop for! Downloads are also available on Touched Creatively's website for $1.89 if your interested in that option.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had lots of good food and spent a couple days celebrating in Sioux Falls with family. We even had a family get together at the hospital so David's sister could be included. (Kathy gets to come home this Friday by the way!!!) At my cousin's house, we learned that Kaelyn likes to play and take part in the game Gestures! She was kind of shy getting in front of the crowd at first, but when everyone clapped for her at the end, she loved it and wanted to help everyone act out their words. Too funny! It was a great family filled weekend!


Thankful for so Many Blessings

I have so much to be thankful for and yes I am thankful for YOU. I'm thankful for my blog readers who are public followers and for those who leave comments. I haven't told you before, but it means so much to me!!! You are all so supportive and encourage me to keep blogging and creating. Thank you to you silent followers... yes I know some of you are pretty faithful followers too and I do appreciate you checking in!

I am very thankful for my supportive husband and beautiful daughter. The two of you make me smile every day... I couldn't ask for anything better. I'm also thankful for our home, it has been a ton of work but it sure has character and is warming up with everything we've done to it.

I am thankful for all my friends and family/relatives. I'm so lucky to have such special people a part of my life and who care about me, my husband and daughter. It is the little things they do that mean so much to us!

I thank God everyday for what He has given me. He truly is amazing!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat a lot and relax... that's my plan!

{above calligraphy is by Danae}


Photo Shoot and Other Happenings

Wow! What happened to November? I swear it just started and now its almost December! Yikes! Well I have been very busy with different projects. The end of last week, I simplified a design and sent for cards which may arrive tomorrow so I can put new ones in my etsy shop and then I also ordered some wedding invitation samples for a bride to approve. I also spent MANY hours working in the kitchen this last week. Although it will be a few more months until its completely finished, since my husband still has to build the upper cabinets, I have to say it is no longer my least favorite room of the house! I enjoy being in the kitchen now! David was gone hunting all weekend, so I cleaned up my kitchen mess and had some visitors over to see how far the house has come. Sunday I played photographer again. Cammy must have really liked the last photos (here and an announcement design here) I took of her girls so asked me to come back again. We were hoping to do an outdoor photo session but the weather didn't allow it. So we did what we could in the girls' bedroom. Remember I am not a professional and do no special lighting, but I enjoy playing around with my camera and Photoshop. Here are a few from the day:

Love the smiles these girls shared with me!

Monday and today I have been busy working on redesigning my website for Touched Creatively. I am hoping to have my kid inspired issue go live tomorrow if all goes well. I need to get the download file put together tonight. Hope everyone's week is going well!


Little Artist and Other Happenings

I tried blogging yesterday but for some reason I kept getting an error every time I tried uploading a picture so gave up on the idea. Works fine today. I don't have much new work to post so I'll share some Kaelyn photos with you all. She LOVES to draw and paint. The last two weeks she's been focused on circles and this last weekend she decided to do loopdiloos and lines. Thought she did awesome for just turning 21 months! And oh yes, she had to have her hood on; don't you dare take it off! She's so funny!
These two photos are from last Sunday. Pretty darn cute. She said she wanted to wear her boots to church, so she did... and of course a hat!
Other happenings: David finished his commissioned cabinets last Friday night! They turned out beautiful!!! I would share a picture of him with them, but I can't find where he put them. There not on my camera card, so will try and share that later. You can see some of his photos on his blog HERE. Since my kid inspired issue of Touched Creatively is at the printer I've been super busy on house projects. We'll see how much I can get done before my family comes to celebrate Christmas at our house. Kaelyn and I made a trip to Brookings yesterday to get some paint for items I'm making over and of course you have to do a little fun shopping since your there. We also were able to have a lunch date with daddy, so that was fun.


Enduring Arts is on Scoutie Girl!!!

{image from Scoutie Girl}

I was so surprised to get an email through etsy saying one of my pieces was featured on the very inspiring and fabulous indie website, Scoutie Girl! A few handmade items from South Dakota are shown along with my bicycle print. Be sure to check the site out for more incredible handmade talents! Have a wonderful weekend!


A Day Dedicated to My Dad

Veterans Day... so many thoughts come to mind. First of all I want to thank all of the men and women who have fought or are fighting for peace in this world. You are all amazing individuals! I want to dedicate this post to my dad. He is a man like no other. A role model that everyone should look up to and try to be like. He puts others needs before his own, HE is amazing and HE is my DAD! When he was just a kid, really, he stepped up for his country and went to fight in Vietnam. He was extremely brave, did all he could, fought in the front lines, lived a nightmare he could never and will never wake up from! How I wish I could erase the horrible things he witnessed... was part of. He did this all for his COUNTRY! I have to thank God for protecting him in an ultimately dangerous time... it was a miracle he made it out alive. God knew he had so much more to offer this world. Sadly, his return home should have been the best welcoming home but no, his country did not stand behind him... there was no welcome home!!! How I wish I could go back in time and change that. Our Vietnam vets deserved so much more... words can never express. I know my dad would rather try and forget everything. But it's all the events we are part of that shape us as a person. You are who you are today dad because of your bravery, your strength, your work ethic, because of the war, because of putting others needs before your own. Because of all this you are a wonderful husband, the best father and grandpa. I am so very lucky to have you as my dad. You have taught me so much about life, love and determination. You have touched so many people in our community and many more. I hope you realize how special you are! YOU are my HERO! And I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you do. You have made me a better person. I love you dad!

The painting above was done by me years ago of my dad. Titled My Hero, My Dad.
Happy Veterans Day!


A Bliss-Filled Weekend

A lovely weekend from weather to happenings. Since Touched Creatively was off being proof read and another freelance project was out of my hands, Friday was spent working on some of my own designs and since it was a nice day we spent a little time outdoors. I thought it would be a bit more relaxing, but when I saw all the leaves I thought we should probably make the time useful. So here are some photos to share of the leaf raking fun. Kaelyn was delighted, but was also very serious at times of getting those leaves raked up! She was a good little helper.

She was pretty much done helping rake when her furry little friend came for a visit. Our block's social cat. Loves kids better than adults... even when his tail is being pulled on! Funny kitty!

On Saturday I was able to make it to the open art studio day. Any artist from the surrounding area is welcome to come and work in their preferred medium. It is so much fun to spend time creating with people who share the same interest. We always have a wonderful potluck meal for lunch too. Chatting, creating, eating... what more could you want!?

Then on to Sunday... What a fantastic day! We went to the hospital again to visit Kathy and oh what a LONG way she has come in a week! It was unbelievable really... a miracle! She is up, starting to walk again, eating solid food... anything she desires!, and chatting up a storm! Not all of it makes sense yet but we are thrilled to hear her voice. When I asked the nurse if she had been this chatty for awhile she said she doesn't stop unless she's sleeping. I said well she must be making up for the weeks she couldn't say anything at all, and Kathy chimed in "That's right!" She has the greatest sense of humor and I hope that lasts! She's doing amazing. Now we're praying for improved speech and better use in her arms and maybe then she'll be able to come home for the holidays! (Although Kathy said she was breaking out of there this Friday! Ha!) Keeping our fingers crossed! God is Good!!!


Creative Living Spaces

{images via Dreamhouse}
I'm not usually a fan of white walls, but lately it has been growing on me. With all the additional pops of color through handmade creations, it's just beautiful and dreamy!

{image via decorology}
I love the originality of these homes! Creative and cozy. Inspiring environments for sure!


More Baby Boy Announcements

Here are the other two baby announcement designs I mentioned from an earlier post. The one above was chosen to be sent out in printed form, so I decided to save some shipping time and print them on my Epson. I usually send my designs off to a printing company so the announcements are press printed on specialty papers but since my brother and sister-in-law's first choice of paper was semi-gloss I was able to print it myself.

This design was chosen for the electronic copy to send to friends and family over the internet.
Another fun project.
Well my little peanut thinks the time change should have been for an hour ahead. I'm wondering how long she's going to stick with waking up at 6:30am. I'm not real fond of that hour. I'd much rather stay up real late than get up early. Oh well she must just want me to get up and finish the next magazine issue. Only two pages left! Then I need to print it all out and send it to be proofed.


A Special ABC Moment

{canvas art by trendypeas}
We made a trip again to the hospital yesterday. Kathy has started opening her eyes, but she wasn't focusing on anything when we were there. She was in a lot of pain so her pain meds would make her go in and out of sleep. Right now we're not sure what she can see but we know she hears us and can do certain things on command. While trying to keep Kaelyn entertained by her bedside, which isn't an easy task, I decided to say the abc's with her. Kaelyn repeated the entire alphabet minus the 'w', which is a pretty hard letter for a little kid! I was so impressed and daddy said "give me a high five!" Kaelyn gave him one and then she wanted to give Kathy one. Kathy was certainly listening and let go of David's hand she was holding and raised her hand for a high five!!! It was certainly a special moment for all of us! Still lots of prayers needed for Kathy to keep progressing. It is certainly a blessing to have seen her come this far; we just pray it continues and she can go home to her family soon!