Thankful for so Many Blessings

I have so much to be thankful for and yes I am thankful for YOU. I'm thankful for my blog readers who are public followers and for those who leave comments. I haven't told you before, but it means so much to me!!! You are all so supportive and encourage me to keep blogging and creating. Thank you to you silent followers... yes I know some of you are pretty faithful followers too and I do appreciate you checking in!

I am very thankful for my supportive husband and beautiful daughter. The two of you make me smile every day... I couldn't ask for anything better. I'm also thankful for our home, it has been a ton of work but it sure has character and is warming up with everything we've done to it.

I am thankful for all my friends and family/relatives. I'm so lucky to have such special people a part of my life and who care about me, my husband and daughter. It is the little things they do that mean so much to us!

I thank God everyday for what He has given me. He truly is amazing!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat a lot and relax... that's my plan!

{above calligraphy is by Danae}

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