Little Artist and Other Happenings

I tried blogging yesterday but for some reason I kept getting an error every time I tried uploading a picture so gave up on the idea. Works fine today. I don't have much new work to post so I'll share some Kaelyn photos with you all. She LOVES to draw and paint. The last two weeks she's been focused on circles and this last weekend she decided to do loopdiloos and lines. Thought she did awesome for just turning 21 months! And oh yes, she had to have her hood on; don't you dare take it off! She's so funny!
These two photos are from last Sunday. Pretty darn cute. She said she wanted to wear her boots to church, so she did... and of course a hat!
Other happenings: David finished his commissioned cabinets last Friday night! They turned out beautiful!!! I would share a picture of him with them, but I can't find where he put them. There not on my camera card, so will try and share that later. You can see some of his photos on his blog HERE. Since my kid inspired issue of Touched Creatively is at the printer I've been super busy on house projects. We'll see how much I can get done before my family comes to celebrate Christmas at our house. Kaelyn and I made a trip to Brookings yesterday to get some paint for items I'm making over and of course you have to do a little fun shopping since your there. We also were able to have a lunch date with daddy, so that was fun.

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