Photo Shoot and Other Happenings

Wow! What happened to November? I swear it just started and now its almost December! Yikes! Well I have been very busy with different projects. The end of last week, I simplified a design and sent for cards which may arrive tomorrow so I can put new ones in my etsy shop and then I also ordered some wedding invitation samples for a bride to approve. I also spent MANY hours working in the kitchen this last week. Although it will be a few more months until its completely finished, since my husband still has to build the upper cabinets, I have to say it is no longer my least favorite room of the house! I enjoy being in the kitchen now! David was gone hunting all weekend, so I cleaned up my kitchen mess and had some visitors over to see how far the house has come. Sunday I played photographer again. Cammy must have really liked the last photos (here and an announcement design here) I took of her girls so asked me to come back again. We were hoping to do an outdoor photo session but the weather didn't allow it. So we did what we could in the girls' bedroom. Remember I am not a professional and do no special lighting, but I enjoy playing around with my camera and Photoshop. Here are a few from the day:

Love the smiles these girls shared with me!

Monday and today I have been busy working on redesigning my website for Touched Creatively. I am hoping to have my kid inspired issue go live tomorrow if all goes well. I need to get the download file put together tonight. Hope everyone's week is going well!

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mairedodd said...

so very sweet! glad the kitchen is coming along - one certainly does have to spend a lot of time in it!