Photo Editing: Before and After Shots

I love, love Photoshop!!! It is such an amazing program and I am always learning something new with it. I thought I should show some before and after photos so you get an idea of how much you can change a photograph. The options are really endless but here are a couple photographs showing some of my editing skills. Hope you enjoy...I loved doing it!
These photos are from the photography shoot I did for Chloe's baby announcements. Like I said, I am not a professional photographer...very obvious from the before photos. Kids don't stay still for long, and I liked Hailey's expression on the top/left one but Chloe's on the bottom/left so I combined them and changed the color to sepia with a touch of a lighting effect. Thought it turned out pretty cute of the new sisters!
Below is one of the photos I used for the baby announcement (shown in a previous post). As you can see, the background didn't matter since I completely deleted it to have a fun spring green color.
So if you ever want any of your photos to get a new fresh look, let me know. The only thing that I need to work from is a clear and a fairly large digital sized image.

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