"Flying Home" in Memory of Cole Ruotsala

This is a photo of the entire "Flying Home" acrylic painting that I previously posted about and only showed a small portion of. The story of three year old Cole is heart breaking but through it all you can see God working and reaching out to so many through this family. It is absolutely amazing! It all started the end of July 2008 when young Cole was complaining about stomach pains and when his family got it checked out it ended up being a horrible cancerous tumor. In only eight short weeks after the stomach pains, Cole went to be with the Lord! I can't imagine having your whole life turn up side down so quickly and to loose your child at such a young age! Cole's parents showed amazing faith through their devastating loss and kept writing journals on Caring Bridge website from the start of their son being in the hospital all the way to the present. They have started C.O.L.E.'s foundation (stands for Caring Openly, Loving Eternally) where people are able to join and offer prayers and support for other families and children going through struggling illnesses. It really means the world to these families to know that there are other people out there that show they care and try to help out in many different ways. The family is trying to get as many people aware of children's cancer to try and find a cure so other families don't have to go through the pain they are. Please visit http://www.colesfoundation.com/ for more information. Thank you Ruotsala family for sharing your story. You have helped make me a better person by strengthening my faith and opening my heart to offer other struggling families support and encouragement and I am not the only one. Cole's Caring Bridge site has had over a million hits! There word is spreading so I encourage you to read their story!!! Your able to read their entire journal so if you get some time do so!

Meaning behind "Flying Home": The lower right represents a storm which was the eight horrible weeks that Cole was sick, the tragedy, how real life is on Earth, that things aren't perfect. Then it goes to the angel wings. God took Cole home so their would be no more struggling and life would be perfect. Cole is finally free. He served God and his job on Earth was complete. The doves flying represent the faith and peace. Cole is happy and looking down to us from heaven. His spirit is with us forever and he knows he will get to be with his family again someday. Overall the painting is a great meaning of how we are simply visitors here on Earth and God can take us away at any time. Appreciate the small moments in life, we never know when its our last or our loved one's!

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