The event is free and open to the public. Enjoy refreshments while viewing art created by some amazing artists all the way from Watertown SD to Sioux Falls SD. My artwork will be there as well as the challenge pieces my art club has been working on... this was where everyone did there own interpretation of the same photo in their preferred medium. Should be lots of fun and LOTS to see! We would love to have you stop by any time between 2:00 to 6:00!


Happy Easter!

I might be a bit biased but I think this is the cutest Easter card ever! :)

{drawing by K age 3}

I hope you all had a wonderful day!


Weekend Happenings

It was a work filled weekend, cold and windy. I thought family from away would be interested in seeing some photos especially with the high water...

Looking off the deck.

Thankfully this is our family's cabin... not our home! My dad actually helped build the cabin with his family several years ago and it has been a wonderful place for extended family to gather in the warm months. My dad definitely has a big job keeping the place up since he lives close by... and well at this time of year it really is a BIG job!!! He's doing his best to save the place. My hubby and I were happy to help him out by doing some more sand bagging on Friday. I was surprised at how much ice there still was on the lake. Since it was such a windy day the ice did serve a good purpose by keeping the waves from crashing in.

Water has never been so high. For those of you who haven't seen the cabin in person, there is usually green grass to the trees then there are HUGE rocks that then go down to a beach area. I think it was 3 years ago when we had a large beach area. Crazy how quickly that changed.

This is the main highway 81. Only trucks can pass.

This is looking to the right of there.

There will be lots of clean up this summer.

The ice and wind have been so powerful it went right through some places. Again, its lucky that most of these places are summer getaways, but there are some year round homes here too. Another reminder that earthly items come and go.

As soon as we got home from sand bagging it started snowing like crazy and snowed on and off all weekend. No, I'm not even going to complain this time. Things could always be much worse... plus a little person was definitely excited to go sledding and build a snowman again.

Then it was Palm Sunday!

She had lots of fun with what she called her "feather", ha, ha... it was almost as big as her!

Then that night she was writing her name all by herself for the first time. She's been writing HI for a long time now but that is all she wanted to write, didn't even want to try any other letters until this last Sunday night. Boy was she excited with what she could do! :)

Too cute! I am so proud of this little girl and feel so lucky to have her in my life every day!

We are so blessed!


What are YOU doing here???

What are you doing here in South Dakota, he asked? My quick thought... my family thought it was a fabulous idea to live where it is freezing and I'd feel bad to move away from them. (Yeah, it's freezing here again and snow is in the forecast!) Ha, ha. But seriously it is a great question. What are we doing here, in this place right now on earth? Are we helping others?... doing good things?... or are we simply existing from one day to the next, focusing on ourselves and what is the next best thing we need to buy? Yes, we are all sinners but we are able to help others and should do so.

I went to this speaking event last night with a group of ladies, and let's say we were all very impressed! If you ever have the opportunity to hear Don Piper and Bill Wiese speak please do not pass up the chance!

I read the book 90 Minutes in Heaven a few years ago, and it is a very good book that is unforgettable (and to be honest I don't have the best memory... just saying), but then to see and hear the story from Don in person was even more amazing. If you don't believe in God now and you hear these men talk, I seriously don't know how it can't change your mind. If you've never heard of Don Piper I'll give you a quick glimpse of what happened to him. He was in a horrible car accident... body parts were not attached anymore, he was pronounced dead, yes DEAD at the scene of the accident. A pastor who was on his way home felt called by God to pray for this man and so after talking his way into the scene of the accident he layed his hand on Don's shoulder and prayed. Don is ALIVE today and tells his story of seeing heaven and coming back to this Earth to do more of God's work. Let me just add, after Don's accident people at the hospitals said he wouldn't make it, he would never walk and do this and that... looking at him last night you would have never known he was in an accident and had 34 operations and some operations that included reattaching body parts! To those who do not believe... how is this possible???

Then there was Bill who talked about an out of body experience where he visited hell. He also showed a short video and oh my goodness it was disturbing. There is not one good thing about hell and you do not want to go there or have anyone you love go there! I would much rather believe in something that doesn't exist then to not believe and then suffer enormous consequences if it in fact was true... just a thought.

Anyway, get your hands on these books if you haven't already. Check them out in your town's or church's library if you don't want to purchase them. It's a good read and it will make you think. Are you doing what you should be?


Commissioned Modern Pet Portrait

One of my latest commissioned jobs... one happy dog. :)

Painted with acrylic on a 16"x12" wrapped canvas.

Here is the photo I was sent to work from:

Edges are painted in the pop of color chosen by the client.

Linking up again with Studio Sneak Peek via (in)courage. Check it out to meet some talented souls and see what they've been working on lately. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Little weather update: Our snow is almost gone! Yay! It's actually been in the 50's for a few days. That's like 80's for some of you lucky people. :) Anyway, we're definitely happy for the warmer temps... although Kaelyn now wants to build a snowman. Ha, ha.


PEACE {completed painting}

I think I'm finally finished. Titled "PEACE"...

"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

{cropped view}

Painted with acrylic on a 24"x18" wrapped canvas. Edges painted a light sea glass blue green.