Another Expecting Handmade Card

I didn't have much time to make this so I used most of the design from my previous expecting congratulations card. I was thinking these would make cute baby shower invitations by just changing the text on the front.
I just posted a feature on a New Zealand artist who makes baby and toddler clothing on Touched Creatively's blog. Check her out as well as the previous artists. There is some amazing handmade talent on there!


Kitty Drawing Featured on Treasury!

My blue eyed kitten drawing is featured on Etsy's Treasury. Thank you MaddKatter for sharing my work! She has adorable work herself. She is one of the talented artists that is featured in Touched Creatively's first issue. She also has a blog feature that can be found on Touched Creatively's blog. Check it out!


Expecting Congratulations Card

It is said that we can learn something from everyone we meet and every experience we have. Well when I did caricatures for the first time a few months ago for a high school prom, I didn't really think I would be doing anything like it again. Well, when I was trying to come up with a fun design for a card for my sister-in-law who is expecting in September and it just happened to come out like a caricature which I thought was fun! I first sketched her out in marker, scanned it in and digitally colored it in and typed in my own words as I usually can't find anything that says exactly what I want it to. I really enjoyed that it incorporates both fine art and graphic design. I'm still lost in finding the 'perfect' niche for me. Do I go towards fine art, graphic design, or both at the same time? I am open to suggestions!!! Anyone?


A Trip to the Woods

This is a little Norwegian guest house my Uncle
built. He makes everything including the doors!
I love the detail of the door shown along with
the cuteness of Kaelyn and David.

We had a great little family trip to the Minnesota woods this last weekend to visit my great uncle Ramon and aunt JoAnn. I had to show David where they live and his wood mill. With David's love of woodworking I knew he would love it. He couldn't believe how much one man could accomplish. Uncle Ramon has built so many things during his lifetime including the buildings on his property and the furniture inside! It really is amazing and undescribable. JoAnn amazes me on how she does the finishing on everything. It looks perfect! Here are just a few shots:

Ramon has a great supply of wood!!! We got the exciting jeep ride tour through the woods. You don't realize all the trees and hills until your actually experiencing the ride. I think David's ready to move in with my relatives! Ha!

Kaelyn loved playing on all the stairs in their house. What a workout that was for everyone keeping an eye on her!


Completed Pencil Drawing

Here's the final result. Hope they like it... we'll find out soon!

An Excited Little Girl...

Her room is in progress and she loves it!!! She runs around in circles in their and its hard to get her to leave most of the time. David stretched the carpet in. He's amazing like always! We only have a little trim that needs to be added and shelving in the closet. Their are nice closet doors and curtains that have been added since I took these photos, so I will eventually post another picture when I have the room decorated. I know I want a lot of pink and white accents but now I need time to put that all together. Everything comes down to time doesn't it? I really need the clock to stop and me to keep going!


Drawing in Progress

Three post in two days. Amazing! I figured I needed to share a little of whats been going on. I thought I would share my newest drawing in progress. Its about 3/4 of the way done. I'm used to drawing portraits but not so much landscapes and its my first attempt at water. Can't really see the waves in this photo. Still need to add more depth places. This needs to be totally finished by Thursday and I have to get some good prints of it by then too. Better get back to it.


Searching for Athlete Sponsorship!

My husband is a die hard athlete! It was 45 degrees and raining last Saturday morning and David still completed the triathlon in Watertown SD along with 25-30 other crazy athletes. Us normal people were wearing our sweaters and winter jackets! Really, all you athletes amaze me and you all should have won great awards for getting through that race! David was amazing to watch once again, and finished in 5th place overall! This was his first attempt at an open swim in the lake and he came out 7th in the swim portion! Not bad at all for being a beginner to swimming all together. Oh, the lighter picture above looks like the sun came out... it didn't! It rained the entire time and just got worse as the race went on. Kaelyn and I partied in the car while waiting for daddy's return. Before I go, I want to add, if anyone wants to sponsor my husband in his running, biking or triathlon adventures let us know!!! He has some darn expensive hobbies but I can't tell him he can't do it when he does so well! If he was able to practice more he would probably come in first.

Kaelyn's New Hat

Happy Monday! Had to share these pics of Kaelyn. She loves her new hat that I bought her the weekend before last. Kaelyn wants to thank her Aunt Amy for encouraging mom to buy it. She likes to wear it with pretty much every outfit including her pjs! Too cute!
Although you wouldn't tell from the pictures above, these were just taken in JUNE! What happened to the warm weather??? I've been looking forward to the heat for so many months and I think it forgot it was supposed to come and stay awhile!