Searching for Athlete Sponsorship!

My husband is a die hard athlete! It was 45 degrees and raining last Saturday morning and David still completed the triathlon in Watertown SD along with 25-30 other crazy athletes. Us normal people were wearing our sweaters and winter jackets! Really, all you athletes amaze me and you all should have won great awards for getting through that race! David was amazing to watch once again, and finished in 5th place overall! This was his first attempt at an open swim in the lake and he came out 7th in the swim portion! Not bad at all for being a beginner to swimming all together. Oh, the lighter picture above looks like the sun came out... it didn't! It rained the entire time and just got worse as the race went on. Kaelyn and I partied in the car while waiting for daddy's return. Before I go, I want to add, if anyone wants to sponsor my husband in his running, biking or triathlon adventures let us know!!! He has some darn expensive hobbies but I can't tell him he can't do it when he does so well! If he was able to practice more he would probably come in first.

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