This little fur ball made me laugh! He was so happy and content with his nut. :)

If anyone still reads this blog (I know I have been horrible about updating lately... sorry!),
I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!



Even though May was chilly and rainy for most of the month it was beautiful...
{Kaelyn's preschool program}
She kept a big secret from us that she had the main part in the play, Hattie and the Fox.
She never said one line of it at home. Silly girl! :) I loved the surprise and am so proud of her!
{Before heading home she stepped off a rock thinking she'd just get her feet wet. Ha! That had to have been cold.}
{K does a great job of keeping the house decorated. :) Lots of butterflies this month.}
{raindrop glitter on the leaves}
{some of our regular visitors}
{Hubby is amazing with kids. He melts me.}