A Bliss-Filled Weekend

A lovely weekend from weather to happenings. Since Touched Creatively was off being proof read and another freelance project was out of my hands, Friday was spent working on some of my own designs and since it was a nice day we spent a little time outdoors. I thought it would be a bit more relaxing, but when I saw all the leaves I thought we should probably make the time useful. So here are some photos to share of the leaf raking fun. Kaelyn was delighted, but was also very serious at times of getting those leaves raked up! She was a good little helper.

She was pretty much done helping rake when her furry little friend came for a visit. Our block's social cat. Loves kids better than adults... even when his tail is being pulled on! Funny kitty!

On Saturday I was able to make it to the open art studio day. Any artist from the surrounding area is welcome to come and work in their preferred medium. It is so much fun to spend time creating with people who share the same interest. We always have a wonderful potluck meal for lunch too. Chatting, creating, eating... what more could you want!?

Then on to Sunday... What a fantastic day! We went to the hospital again to visit Kathy and oh what a LONG way she has come in a week! It was unbelievable really... a miracle! She is up, starting to walk again, eating solid food... anything she desires!, and chatting up a storm! Not all of it makes sense yet but we are thrilled to hear her voice. When I asked the nurse if she had been this chatty for awhile she said she doesn't stop unless she's sleeping. I said well she must be making up for the weeks she couldn't say anything at all, and Kathy chimed in "That's right!" She has the greatest sense of humor and I hope that lasts! She's doing amazing. Now we're praying for improved speech and better use in her arms and maybe then she'll be able to come home for the holidays! (Although Kathy said she was breaking out of there this Friday! Ha!) Keeping our fingers crossed! God is Good!!!

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Amy said...

God is so good!!! Cute pics. Looks like fun!