an end to 2010

2010 is soon to be over. It has been a bit of a blur but I do look forward to 2011. When I look back to a year ago I had some really great expectations for 2010. Although it has been a great year I am changing my mind set a little and just hoping to enjoy the journey that 2011 brings and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for our family.

Kaelyn has thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas decorations this year and will be pretty sad to see the Christmas tree leave the living room. (Yes we keep them up the entire month of December... at least... more time to enjoy the magical sparkle.)

We don't have any real exciting plans for celebrating the New Year. The lovely SD weather has supplied us with plenty of snow and travel is not advised so we're a little limited on what we can do. It is okay though, hubby's been working around the house and I've been working on some design requests. Hopefully shortly we'll have some nice family time. :)

I know Kaelyn is always up for a good time. Whether it's singing, playing or dancing... she's ready to rock it! Ha, ha!

Happy 2011!


Diana said...

Happy New Year, Jodi! So happy to have met you this year. I look forward to more wonderful posts. Little Kaelyn looks so pretty in her little dress. I remember loving to twirl,too!

Christie Cottage said...

Kaelyn is adorable and I love her dress! I remember twirling when I was a little girl for my dress to fly out! LOL Happy memory!

Happy New Year!


Jill said...

Love the sweet px of Kaelyn and the snowflake!
Looking forward to a new year and seeing wht God has planned too.
Love and Blessing to you and your family!