LIVESTRONG Bicycle Painting Complete!

Completed just before the New Year! Yippee! I am so glad to be done with this project. Sadly these photos don't capture all the detail but they at least give you a good idea. For those of you not into biking it says LIVESTRONG on Lance Armstrong's butt. Such a powerful word combo don't you think?
I love the bold black paint on the sides.
The white paint has been a little controversial and honestly I'm just fine with that. Actually I like that because it gets people talking. For me it adds extra interest and it really brings your eye to the detail. It says I am a painting! I like the unexpected. :) Kind of like this New Year... who knows what's going to happen.


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Jodi... it is gorgeous! Amazing details. I love the white paint! Happy New Year! :)

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thanks Jen! Happy New Year to you! :)

Artist Terri Smith said...

Oh Jodi, Thank You So Much For The Kind Words Left At My Place. I Know I Will Feel Your Prayers. I Really Love Your Newest Painting! And The "White" Is Perfection! It Leads The Eye Right Up Into The Action And It's Truly A Sensational Composition! I Haven't Visited You In A While And Before I Leave Your Site, I'm Gonna Take A Quick Tour. I've Missed You Sweet Friend. Sending You Much Love And Glorious Georgia Sunshine, Terri