In the Kitchen

Kaelyn and I spent some time in the kitchen today making pumpkin cookies. I meant to get these made before the holidays but for some reason I ran out of time. :)
When I suggested making them with K today, she was not interested... I think because chocolate was not in the name. But I told her she might really like them if she gave them a try, so she did.
And she loved them. I think it's one of the yummiest cookies to come out of my kitchen so thought I'd pass on the recipe. I followed the directions HERE but halved everything, which made 30 cookies. If you like pumpkin you should definitely make some. They are really good right out of the oven without any icing... yes I may have eaten too many that way. :)


Christie Cottage said...

I love the precious picture. Beautiful child and I love the toes curled over the edge of the chair.


Kelly Berkey said...

Sweet baby girl feet. What a darling photo. Pumpkin cookies are wonderful...so are sweet potato cookies! I love them!

Have a wonderful New Year! xo