Sun rays...

I had to share this photo with you that I took last Saturday. I love the captured rays streaming over their heads. Kaelyn must be jabbering away and daddy is happily listening. Natural, beautiful and sweet. Saturday started off with an auction in the morning. I got an awesome deal on a chair, then in the afternoon we headed to Wing Fest where David ran in a 5K. There were lots of fun things set up for kids to do so Kaelyn played for quite awhile in a huge sandbox. We then watched David finish his race. He came in fourth place over all! I wish I was that good at running! We then ate lots of wings that came from area vendors. Was fun trying the different kinds. Kaelyn enjoyed the chicken mess too. We were then off to snap a few shots, like the one above and then out for a nice dinner. We shared an absolutely amazing bruschetta for starters. Kaelyn behaved so well while we were waiting for our food to come. I think she was excited to see what else she was going to get to eat. It was a wonderful family day.

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