Designer Genes Photography and Prayer Request

So here is more information on the new Designer Genes Photography business and a few of my favorite photos that Amy has taken. First I'll share a little about her. She is an amazing person as well as photographer! Amy (and her husband Justin) have a beautiful little girl, Kamalee who was born with an extra chromosome. Kamalee inspired Amy to jump into the photography business and this is how she came up with the name 'Designer Genes'. Thank you Amy for having me design your logo and I wish you the best of luck! Okay on to some of her amazing work!!

This is one Amy took of Kamalee and I want to add a special prayer request for her. She will be having open heart surgery on February 26th. So please pray for her and her family that all goes smoothly.

On to a happier note, here are more examples of Amy's work:

Aren't they fun!? She's also very affordable. Her website isn't finished yet as she has been extremely busy with clients and now her daughters surgery so if you have any questions or want to set up a time for a photo shoot contact Amy at amy@designergenesphotography.com.


Cathy said...

Hi the link to Amy's site isn't working. I was just googling the name (was hoping no-one had it already lol)
I'd love to see her site

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Hi Cathy! Since Designer Genes Photography website isn't finished I only gave Amy's email if someone wanted to conact her. You can check out her blog if you would like. It's ulschmidutopia.blogspot.com