We've had quite a bit of rain lately. I still have some planting to do including a couple begonia plants, ground cherries and tomatoes I recently picked up at the greenhouse. Kaelyn sure enjoyed that trip. Kind of hard to keep her from touching everything though. Ha! The plants have been liking the rain (as you can see above) but K was getting a little sick of it over the weekend and drew a rainy day picture. :)
Love the sun peeking out. In other news, Kaelyn sees an allergy specialist this Friday. I'm praying it goes smoothly and that she gets a good, kid friendly doctor.


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh I love rainy days! Love the rainy day picture! :) I hope Kaelyn has a smooth appointment!

martinealison said...

Cette charmante petite fée est adorable et doit vous apporter un beau rayon de soleil...
Un gros bisou à vous deux.