Spring... really?!

{view out our back door after the snowstorm on Thursday}
I don't believe South Dakota got the memo that it is spring.
The weather has been nuts here and 3 days in a row of no school this week.
Last week, the snow was almost all gone... it sure came back in a hurry! Blah.
I am so ready for heat... from the sunshine that is, family bike rides, walks, kayaking, boating.
Hubby has a 5k and a triathlon in 2 weeks and more snow is in the forecast.
There has also been more gloomy news this week for our family.
A couple more losses. :(
Kaelyn is so good at showing me the positive points. Oh life through a child's eyes...
Her view on snow: Yay! Let's play in it!
Her view of my cousin's visitation/funeral: Yay, I get to see my friends!!! (a.k.a. her cousins who are close to her age that she rarely sees.)
Thank you God for Miss Kaelyn who brings so much brightness to my life.
Off to sleep and then more family time.
Hope you have a good weekend! Life is too short not to enjoy it.


martinealison said...

Je suis désolée pour la peine que vous ressentez en ce moment avec la dure réalité de la vie parfois... Recevez toute mon affection et mes condoléances.
Votre pitchoune a l'aire de bien apprécier les caprices de madame Hiver qui semble vouloir cohabiter avec Demoiselle printemps.
gros bisous

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

we haven't gotten the spring memo yet either. we had more ice than snow unfortunately. so sorry to hear about your losses. praying for your family.