Touches of a Magical World

An unexplainable excitement came when thinking of sharing something new with my daughter, something beautiful and in a warm setting, something that was almost like walking into a magical world to see some of God's amazing creations fluttering all around us. It was time to share the Butterfly House with Miss Kaelyn. David and I had been their once towards the beginning of our marriage and we captured some amazing sites! This time our little wonder was part of the photos. Hope you enjoy seeing a few of my favorite moments...

Daddy was trying to get a butterfly to walk up on his finger. Kaelyn loved looking at the butterflies but was a little frightened when the big ones flew right in front of her, and one large one flew on her shoulder... well she sure didn't want it to stay long! She liked to wander and find them on leaves and flowers.

God did such an amazing job didn't He!? (Yeah, I took that!)

After a sweet worker showed Kaelyn a big butterfly on her hand and the two of them went over the parts and just studied it for awhile, Kaelyn decided it was just fine for them to sit on her too.

One climbed up on my finger and when hubby was taking some shots another decided it wanted to sit on my arm too. Kaelyn thought that was pretty neat and tried to get them to walk on her finger.

Kaelyn's great aunt Sandy enjoyed the experience with us. It certainly was a special day!

Besides the Butterfly House we did some shopping, ate some yummy food at Panera and Johny Carinos and also saw some adorable creations by PoshTales. It's a new business started by our sister-in-law, Amy along with her sister and aunt. If your wanting to spoil a little girl check them out! Kaelyn came home with another adorable hat and a princess wand. She was a happy little girl!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The Butterfly House made me excited for warm weather! It should be here soon! Happy Monday!


mairedodd said...

what a wonderful day - there is nothing like sharing natural wonders with your child... it gives them the lifetime gift of being observant and gentle... my kids happened to notice ladybugs this weekend, and it made me happy because it meant they were being present...
i really love that one shot you took - gorgeous!

Meg said...

soo darling! what a neat experience for her!