Kaelyn's Adventures

We are certainly enjoying the warmer weather! We've had a snowman (the large one) in our front yard most of the winter... made by Kaelyn and her daddy. She loved telling everyone about the snowman they built together. The postman must have heard the story at least 10 times! Then when grandma watched Kaelyn last Saturday, four baby snowmen were made. I saw it as soon as we pulled into the driveway... it was adorable! I had wanted to get a picture of it, but never got a chance with so much going on. Then today it was so nice out and the snowmen were looking pretty ghostly due to all the melting so we decided to have some outdoor fun and add more snow to the little guys. Lookin pretty cute again don't you think? After working on the snowmen, I showed Kaelyn how to make snow angels. She loved it! She kept plopping down and saying "more angels!" She had a hard time getting back up though! Ha, ha!

While I'm busy working on a number of projects, Kaelyn stays busy drawing, pretending, watching Barney, drawing, reading, running, dancing... and more drawing. I'm not sure how many sheets of paper she has gone through... front and back and reusing; its quite a stack! Anyway she has her own little space in the kitchen buffet that is just for her with her colors, coloring books, play dough, papers... all the art stuff. And one day this is what she surprised mommy and daddy with... bet you can't guess which door belongs to her!

Yes, she had the urge to decorate her space. I asked her "What are you doing!?" She said, "I painting!" I said, "your supposed to do that on paper." She said, "No, my painting!" Apparently the paper ones are always for someone else... even though most of them are still in our house, so this was for her in her own little space.

I would have left it if not so much showed when the door was closed. Thanks to the Magic Eraser, it came off in only a couple swipes. I'm sure we'll have many more beautiful creations of Kaelyns around the house in the next few years. She is always so proud of them, I don't think I can ever really get mad at her. So create little girl until your heart is content, then someday you'll probably have to help me repaint if the Magic Eraser doesn't do its job!

Happy Weekend!

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mairedodd said...

i do remember those days... time is fleeting and your baby is in a creative environment... i have seen that there is chalkboard paint... maybe that on a wall of your choosing with colored chalks could make her feel like she is doing something for her own space? i think it is great that she doesn't view art as something on paper, but as a part of her environment...
cute snow people!