Wonderful Weekend Happenings

For Valentines Day I made David a date card saying I would take him out for a good time... just the two of us. So Saturday was the day. Lucky for us grandma watched Kaelyn. We had a great time and ate some delicious food... in peace! I think it had been almost a year since that has happened. I honestly did miss the noise a few times during our "date" but that must be a good thing, right?! When we got home, later than expected, oops, it really wasn't our fault, the line at the restaurant was crazy... anyway I checked my emails and my day got even better! My "Inner Strength" painting had made it to the front page of ETSY!!!! Thanks to Hailey Rose for sending me an email and letting me know and thanks to Craft Cult for saving it!

On Sunday after church I worked on my art room for awhile and then we headed to David's brothers place and the boys went and played basketball in Hamlin. A good day, quite a bit accomplished and was able to relax.

Then this morning I had another email saying my "Seeking Your Path" painting was in a treasury. It is so encouraging when people like your work well enough to feature it for many others to view! Thank you Southstreet... it is a beautiful collection!

{view the actual page HERE}


mairedodd said...

so glad you enjoyed your date night... and congrats on the front page and treasury... well deserved!

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thank you!!!

~Valentina~ said...

Congrats! Sounds like you had a great weekend, perfect to start March with tons of good energy ;)