Wedding Invitation Design: Couples Favorite

Remember back in January when I shared this invitation design option with you? I'm finally able to share the design the couple chose out of the 3 options I gave them. AJ and Emily are a very fun, lively couple so it's not a huge surprise they went with the brightly colored design option. Main color ~ orange: a burst of energy, a warm pop of color, lots of fun!

{front view}

{top inside view}

{bottom inside view}

{back view}

I first drew the lilies and then scanned them in and changed them to vector format in Illustrator. It gave a nice unique touch and incorporated their wedding flowers. They chose to have the invitations press printed on a nice linen specialty paper. I love the different textures available in these beautiful papers and there are several choices. Dolby Photography took the couple's fun engagement photos.

Thank you AJ & Emily for having me design your invitations! I wish you two the absolute best!


jdavissquared said...

great work! interesting color for a wedding, but you made it very pretty!

found you on etsy forums. I hope you'll come visit me too!


ModredVintage said...

I can see why that was a favorite, nicely done.

Sarah B. said...

Beautiful pictures and GORGEOUS designs!!

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thank you ladies!!!