New Inspiration

Since my creativity needed some serious encouragement I headed out to my parents farm yesterday with my camera in hopes that something would spark an idea. Even though the wind was blowing furiously and I didn't get any pictures of what I was hoping for I did enjoy meandering around the yard and shelterbelt and seeing all the growth. The photo above shows a glimpse of the shelterbelt. They were just baby trees when I was little. I remember all the hard work that went into caring for them. Now they are so tall! I guess its not only little people that change so much in a short amount of time. The wooden fence in the picture was built by my dad and me to expand my horse's pen. Oh the memories!
These cheerful flowery bushes were on the other side of the shelterbelt. I really don't remember the pretty yellow flowers. Maybe I never payed attention to them before. I notice as I get older that I'm much more appreciative of the small things and enjoy looking at everything from different angles.
My photo shoot seemed to be successful on sparking a painting idea too. Hopefully I can get started painting on it this next week. Crossing my fingers I finally get something I'm happy with! I also have the urge to do more portraits. Its crazy but portraits are the easiest thing for me to do! I love making a piece come alive whether in a painting or drawing. I used to do a lot of commissioned pencil and charcoal portraits but took a break from it. Now I realize how much I miss it. So if you want a custom portrait done let me know!
Next week I promise to share my before and after hair shots! I know some of you keep checking to see if I've posted a picture yet. So just a little longer and if I forget I won't blame you for looking like this:

Have a great weekend!


ModredVintage said...

Your last picture and comment made me smile.

Sarah B. said...

Life on the farm sounds so romantic but in reality I'm sure it's a lot of work!

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Sarah~ Life on the farm is peaceful and beautiful yet tons of work. All the time it takes for mowing, picking up branches, moving snow, taking care of animals... its quite a list and time consuming for sure. The space is sure nice! I think a house on the edge of town with enough room around it would be perfect. :)