Digital Photo Book: Looking it Over

Sorry I didn't post anything last Wednesday about the photo book. I've been revising a handful of pages and I realized I left out 3 pages worth of pictures. Oops! I need to scan in Kaelyn's foot prints for one of those pages. Other then that I have been printing some out to see what they are going to look like. I printed the pages at 4" by 4" so 4 would fit on a page. I have to say they are so adorable it's tempting to just keep them like they are and forget about actually publishing the book through Blurb! But then I thought I could just put a ring around the little pages and have it so Kaelyn could look through it. No big loss if she wrecks this little one and I'm sure she would enjoy it. The pages could be laminated to be extra sturdy and safe around little hands.

Here are a couple digital books I made a few years ago:

This gives a couple ideas for making your own digital book and not have to send your pages to another company to print. For the black spiral binding on our wedding book I went to a little print shop and asked if they could bind it and it ended up only costing like $2! I laminated the front and back covers for protection and highly recommend doing that. The other little book was just a fun day David and I spent celebrating our second anniversary. The pages are glued front and back and laminated on both sides.

You may have a couple different choices of color for the spiral binding. Just ask to see what is available.


ModredVintage said...

Wow-those are great.

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thank you! :)